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Chinwag Jobs Digital Skills Survey 2007 Report



Is there a dearth of candidates in the digital industry? Is it hindering the growth of the sector? And what do employers, recruitment consultants and HR professionals think is going to happen this year?

Chinwag Jobs undertook a survey in late 2007 to investigate the digital staffing space and the industry's view of 2008. This report details the findings.

Chinwwag Jobs Skills Survey 2007 Report - Download as a PDF fileThis report is also available to download as a PDF (2.5Mb).
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Talent Shortages Blight Digital Sector

After lots of conversations with candidates and employers using Chinwag Jobs during 2007, it appeared that a dearth of high calibre candidates was causing headaches to many companies across the digital media sector. To get a fuller picture of the situation, the Chinwag Jobs Digital Skills Survey 2007 was undertaken in December 2007 and with over 200 respondents, a clearer view emerged.

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Chinwag Jobs Digital Skills Survey 2007 Report Download

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Please use this link to download the PDF version of the Chinwag Jobs Chinwag Jobs Digital Skills  Survey 2007 Report. It's approx. 2.5Mb.

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