Copyright And Shared Platform Advice For Artists And Designers

Are you an artist or designer producing original material? This event will provide copyright and shared platform advice in partnership with Arts Council England, North East.

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Date: 5 February 2010
Location: Conference Room One, Central Square, UK

Improving Folio Presentation

This session is designed for emerging creative graduates. Introduced and facilitated by Creative Careers, it includes live demonstrations to illustrate pitfalls and good practice when showing portfolios of creative work.

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Date: 27 November 2009
Location: University Arts London, Lecture Theatre, UK

The IP Pyramid - Copyright in Complex Creative Environments (Module 1 and 2)

A two part module event discussing IP rights such as copyright, when the work is a collaboration from different creatives.

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Date: 11 November 2009
Location: Waterside Arts Centre, UK

Designers don’t think?

Chatting to a recruiter recently I was shocked to hear him say, ‘The problem is we’re interviewing a lot of designers at the moment who don’t think’. I was pretty dumbfounded, as I’ve spent my entire working life believing that is exactly what designers did. However, it did get me thinking more about the way designers in technology work, the way things have changed over the last ten or so years, and the problems that they face.

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