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'Is Technology The New Beatles?' Sept 16th

Sept 16th - MusicTank presents a vision of technology's engagement with music; shedding light on what new technology fused with music is bringing to the industry. Featuring very exciting speakers and great networking. Special Rate Provided.

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Date: 16 September 2014
Location: Fyvie Hall, UK

Music TechPitch 4.5

Music TechPitch 4.5 is a platform to enable startups specifically within the music-tech industry from all across Europe to showcase their business proposition to a relevant wider audience, including VCs, music industry professionals and experts, journalists, as well as other aspiring and successful music and tech entrepreneurs.

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Date: 8 April 2014
Location: Ernst & Young Offices, UK

Music 4.5: Music & Sport

Music & Sports – united moments of joy need new revenue streams Music and sports both have at their core a focus on the experiential and shared emotions, deriving revenue from live performances, fan clubs, super-fans, merchandising, ticketing, broadcast and video.

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Date: 29 April 2014
Location: Eleven/Lewis Silkin Offices, UK

Music 4.5: IP & Licensing

IP & Licensing – A brave new era in online song licensing The European Commission is in the process of modernising the EU copyright legislative framework, and it has soon finalised the Licences for Europe industry-led solutions, all with the aim to facilitate a vibrant digital market place.

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Date: 25 June 2014
Location: Eleven/Lewis Silkin Offices, UK

Enterprising Music Redux - From Dot to Digital [video]


Enterprising Music brought together entrepreneurs, start-ups and individuals eager to join the music business.

When the music industry met the internet, it was a clash. Challenged with high-speed connectivity, frictionless sharing, P2P and social networks, find out how parts of the industry turned crisis into innovation.

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Music 4.5 Open Data

Open Data: devaluing or driving music business models? An increasing number of businesses are built on other businesses’ open data. Re-using data-sets to create new business opportunities is sensible business strategy, but what about making money ‘for free’ from other businesses available data?

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Date: 5 March 2013
Location: Lewis Silkin offices, UK

Brands and Music: Come Together Right Now

Brands and Music: Come Together Right Now features Shazam, Vice, LoveLive & Glass Jar talking about integrating music and artists into innovative marketing and advertising campaigns to increase brand and consumer engagement

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Date: 11 December 2012
Location: The Hospital Club, UK

Music 4.5 Smart Radio

Music 4.5 Smart Radio: Business models for interactive and streaming music platforms There is now a plethora of interactive streaming music and audio services online. Are these new services a result of the digital impact and innovation, or simply the least expensive way for online businesses to distribute music?

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Date: 26 September 2012
Location: Lewis Silkin office, UK

TechHub Founders Secrets - Founders of Songkick

FOUNDERS SECRETS Psstt...! Would you like to know the secret to a successful startup? Join us for an exciting new event series, where you can find out about the highs and lows, the stories and the secrets, and all the nitty gritty about what makes a successful startup - directly from those that have experienced the journey themselves

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Date: 24 July 2012
Location: TechHub @ Campus, UK

Music 4.5: Collective Licensing - the debate

We will continue our Collective Licensing debate, looking at the latest developments within the legal and technical areas and their implications on music-tech startups, artists, consumers and the industry.

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Date: 29 June 2012
Location: Lewis Silkin office, UK

The social live music industry - where is the money?

Music 4.5: The social live music industry - where is the money?

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Date: 13 December 2011
Location: eOffice, UK

MUSIC techpitch 4.5

Eight music-tech startups will present their business ideas and revenue models during a three minute pitch followed by a five minute Q&A by a panel of judges.

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Date: 22 November 2011
Location: EMI headquarters, UK

CMU Training: Music Business Models - Making Money, Finding Investment

Music Business Models - Making Money, Finding Investment looks at the various ways to make money out of music, including intellectual property, live performance and fan engagement, and how music companies and artist deals may look in the future.

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Date: 30 November 2011
Location: CMU, UK

Music 4.5: Data is Sexy!

Data and Research - The use of data and research to make more money for entrepreneurs and artists: if you don't get your metadata right, it's likely you won't get all the money due to you.

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Date: 14 April 2011
Location: TBA, UK

An evening with Spotify - Europe’s $1 billion dollar dotcom

BIMA is delighted to give you the chance to come and spend an evening with Spotify - one of the most revolutionary and successful European dotcom start ups of the last decade.

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Date: 4 May 2011
Location: The Hospital Club, UK