My Digital Identity: Living your life online

My Digital Identity: At a time when data is being coalesced through the gathering of personally identifiable information such as emails, photographs, names and IP address - we are reaching a point where many digital services are amassing detailed profiles from publicly available data. What does this mean for your digital identity?

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Date: 16 February 2012
Location: The HUB, Kingscross, UK

Digital Footprint Summit: Insights from the Screenagers

Irrespective of what we call them the Screenagers, Generation Y, millennials, digital natives or the Facebook generation; we all agree that they are driving new digital services. Often, in a discussion of next generation services and privacy their voice is ignored. Therefore, we ask: Should we teach the Screenagers or should we learn from them.

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Date: 3 November 2011
Location: innovation warehouse, UK

Straight Line Thinking Stops Here

This weekend I was invited to give a keynote @ sxsw 2010 based upon my submission in August last year. (watch the 2.5 minute film) The topic is Straight Line Thinking Stops Here, something that I covered at The Do Lectures (watch the video) last year and is culminating in a course, book and research project.

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Date: 16 March 2010
Location: Austin Convention Centtre, US