Understanding Social Business, Social Data and Social CRM

Social CRM

Understanding Social Business, Social Data and Social CRM

The true value of social media, say the wise, lies in business, data and CRM.

Those elements, along with customer service and engagement marketing, will be discussed in detail next week, on July 8-9 in London, at Social CRM 2013.

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Chinwag Psych Interview: Antony Mayfield & Chris Schaumann "Design your Day"

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Antony Mayfield -  “Design your Day” eBook.
What is the five-step design thinking process?
The five-step design thinking process is a simple model of the approach a designer might take to solving a problem:
1. Discovery - trying to understand as much as you can about the challenge you face.
2. Defining the challenge – working out best way to describe, and finding the right language to frame the challenge.
3. Developing ideas – coming up with as many potential solutions as possible.
4. Prototyping – making a model of one of your ideas.
5. Testing and iterating – testing your prototype and creating new versions (or iterations) based on what you learn.
Design Your Day is about using this process to create an optimal structure for your day.
Most people think they have 'thinking processes' down pat - why is it important to have a five-step design?
One insight we gained from researching and talking to experts in the neuroscience of work was that the amount of high-quality thinking time – when we are able to do our best work – is surprisingly limited – perhaps just a handful of hours a day.
How we manage that small resource of our best thinking demands thoughtfulness and discipline. Imagine if we realised we were spending all of our high performing time on email and in routine meetings? Well, many people are – and that’s why we need to think about how we design our days.
We tend to know when we’re at our most productive – the Design Your Day process is about creating the right conditions in your routine so that you can reach that ‘flow’ state where you’re getting your best work done at often as possible.
When designing your day, there’s no deadline to hit or finished product to ship, so you can treat each day as a prototype (to paraphrase IDEO’s Tim Brown) and constantly improve and refine your solution, and have a ‘smarter everyday’.
Observing your day seems to point toward taking time and thought to ponder - how can this be approached without looking as though you're not up to much in an office environment?
Observing your day more closely could be as simple as taking 10 minutes at the end of the day to think about how it went and how you’ll improve your approach tomorrow.
It might also be an idea to let your colleagues know what you’re trying to do, so that your new approach isn’t mistaken for idleness. Making these changes is cultural, not just personal, and sharing what you’re doing could also end up having a positive effect on your colleagues and by leading them to think more deeply about how they can get the most from their own days. 
Book the time in your diary and call it a “personal performance review”. No one’s going to think that that’s a waste of time.
Behavioural change can be both difficult and rewarding - but human beings love habits and we appear to be hardwired for them - are there psychological principles that you might apply to encouraging change? 
Understanding the psychology and neuroscience behind the patterns we fall into can make it easier to change.
One powerful insight we gained was rather than attempting to break bad habits (very difficult, as we all know), we must focus on growing a new one to replace it. For instance, if you have a habit of waking up and reading email straight away (which means you start the day stressed before it has even begun), you set aside some interesting reading and get into the habit of opening that rather than your inbox.
The ‘habit loop’ concept says habits start with a cue that leads you into a routine, which gives you some kind of reward. For example, your cue is feeling tired, your routine is getting a coffee, the reward is a caffeine buzz, and soon you start to crave coffee. By identifying and experimenting with the cues, routines and rewards that form your habits, you will find it easier to change.
Remember: thinking is expensive in terms of your energy – build new, effective habits to free up your mental capacity, shifting the effort of carrying out tasks from your conscious to your unconscious brain.
Growing a new habit requires an upfront investment. It is hard work while the habit “takes”, but once established, you will spend less energy on that activity.   
How would you recommend people avoid fatigue?
Many of us focus on managing our time. We don’t pay as much attention to managing our energy.
The NeuroLeadership Group’s Paul McGinnis says that just as we wouldn’t expect our bodies to run back-to-back races, we shouldn’t expect our brains to cope with back-to-back meetings. 
Remember that mental energy is a finite resource: consider how your energy levels will change when you’re planning your day. For example, think about the time of day when you tend to be at your sharpest and schedule your hardest tasks for then.
Plan less demanding activities – expenses, emptying your email inbox - at times when you know you’re likely to be at less than 100%.
Get enough breaks, eat the right kind of foods to keep you going and take time to relax, exercise and socialise. Neuroscience shows that these are all key to performing at our best in the long term.
Is there room in business to start employing people with skills in psychology and neuroscience? In your opinion and experience, what is the role of psychology in business and why is it important?
Understanding how our minds work, and having the right language and framework to talk about it, is always an asset at work, because it can lead to constructive conversations in teams about how to work more effectively.
Perhaps it’s even more important at the moment. We’re in a period of change – the digital age and the rapid adoption of mobile technology is totally revolutionising the way we work, in ways we don’t fully understand yet.
It’s useful for businesses to have people who understand how these changes might be affecting us mentally and can help to shape new rules for working efficiently in the connected age.

Antony Mayfield from Brillaint Noise and Chris Schaumann from Nokia chat to Chinwag  abour their “Design your Day” eBook. They focus on ways to adjust your day to get the most out of it. 

What is the five-step design thinking process?

The five-step design thinking process is a simple model of the approach a designer might take to solving a problem:

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MiniBar x Qualcomm x Nokia

For this special MiniBar event Qualcomm and Nokia have come together to inform developers and start ups about how to develop apps for the new generation of Nokia phones running on Qualcomm chips. The event is free to attend and will be held at Mother London in the heart of Shoreditch.

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Date: 13 June 2013
Location: Mother London, UK

Come Fly With Us: Announcing Travel Award Program for Speakers, Event Hosts and Attendees

Social Media Week

With February behind us, we are eagerly looking forward to our next Social Media Week, set to take place September 23-27, 2013! And we want you to experience it in a new way.

What if you had the chance to travel to one of our host cities this SMW September? Imagine joining amazing conversations, seeing iconic venues in London, Bogota and more while meeting innovators from all around the world? Thanks to our new Travel Award Program, powered by Nokia, you could do all that and truly have an international SMW experience!

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SMW REWIND: Inside The Firewall Revisited [VIDEO]


Monday's talk, Inside the Firewall Revisited, was a follow-up to our February session which looked at the future of the modern workplace. What happens when the behaviours and technologies of the social web start to permeate the insides of our organisations?

Whether you call it social business or Enterprise 2.0, the changes inside the firewall provide some of the biggest opportunities for organisations, and some of the trickiest challenges.

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Win Tickets to Youth Marketing Strategy (16th April 2013)


Youth Marketing Strategy is back for its third year, bringing together the best minds, top brands and edgiest agencies in youth marketing.

There is an exciting schedule overflowing with opportunities to gain insight, network with industry peers, and grab inspiration.

With speakers confirmed from Facebook, Econsultancy, Jägermeister, Nokia, and Milkround, we are confident the event will boost your next youth marketing campaign.

We’re delighted the organisers have offered 2 lucky Chinwaggers the chance to win a free conference ticket worth up to £774.

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SMW REWIND: Facebook Marketing ROI: A Masterclass [VIDEO]

Facebook Hub SMWLDN 2012

In Facebook Marketing ROI, Panelists from Nokia, The Social Partners,, The Humane Society of the United States and EngageSciences discussed how social marketing is changing and the processes organisations need to put in place to generate real world value. The social media managers of today could be the CMOs of tomorrow if they are able to help their organisations leverage the opportunity that marketing on Facebook represents to the bottom line. Tune into the livestream to see some of the strategies that leading brands are implementing and the results they are getting.

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The London Clojure Community:Clojure at Nokia Entertainment

Join us at Skills Matter for the London Clojure Community meet up.

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Date: 22 January 2013
Location: The Skills Matter eXchange, UK

SMWLDN in Rewind: Developing a Digital Strategy in a Social World


Developing a Digital Strategy in a Social World took place on Weds 26th Sept at the Advertising & Marketing Hub at Facebook. Digital media has gone through more revolutions in the last decade than other forms of media have experienced across their lifetimes. From web 2.0 to commoditisation of display advertising to sweeping changes of social media.

How do the world’s leading digital strategists plan, develop and maintain a coherent brand in such tumultuous times? Tune into the livestream below and catch up with our expert line-up of strategists who handle some of the world’s leading brands as they navigate the rigours of a changing digital landscape. Panelists at this session included Sonia Carter (Kraft Foods Europe), Justin Pearse (Bite Communications), Johannes-Tobias Lorenz (McKinsey), Craig Hepburn (Nokia) and Alastair Duncan (Alternative Genius).

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Highlights and Advice for Candidates from Chinwag's Careers Day at #SMWLDN 2012


15 hiring companies, 20+ advice mentors, 1000+ job seekers!

Friday 28th September marked the end of the beast that is Social Media Week London with Chinwag's Careers Day supported by JobisJob at The Vinyl Factory Soho. Hundreds of highly qualified students, recent graduates, and experienced professionals came along to speak with a great lineup of companies looking to hire including Nokia, Dow Jones, Imagination, Milkround, Financial Times, News International, Ve Interactive, Tempero, General Assembly, Enternships, 1000heads, PutItOut and more.

loungeJob seekers and careers movers were queuing for CVSurgeries and Portfolio Reviews from industry professionals and we could see a vibration of enthusiasm for all things digital spread throughout the room. Our Chill Out Lounge gave attendees an opportunity to recharge (physically and electronically!), make the suggested amendments to their CV/Portfolio from their advice sessions and network.

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Ready, set, HIRED! CV Surgeries, Portfolio Reviews & Creative Workshops at #SMWLDN Careers Day


Need a foot in the door into the digital and social media world? Eager to get yourself in front of leading brands and agencies? Feel you could do with some advice on improving your CV and Portfolio? Want an inside view into how recruiters view your job profile?

If you answered YES to one or more of the above questions, it sounds like you need to get yourself to Chinwag's Careers Day at Social Media Week London on Friday 28th Sept 2012!

Hundreds of graduates, job seekers and experienced workers looking for that next challenge will be flocking to the Careers Day to meet the likes of Nokia, Imagination, News International, Ve Interactive, Dow Jones, Milkround, PutItOut and more! So don't miss out - REGISTER NOW! Check out the Programme below.

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Using Social to go Global supported by Open to Export

Want to take your business global? Find out how how to use social media, online communities and collaborative tools can help build your company’s international business. Hear from international experts, case studies & quiz UKTI, Nokia, Hailo, the FT and more. Plus a free networking lunch and time for one-to-one Q&A.

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Date: 24 September 2012
Location: SMWLDN Innovation and Entrepreneurship @ Google Campus, UK

Highlights which got us all going a-Twitter #SMWLDN

With over 180 events in London alone last week and over 15,000 registrations not including the people enjoying all the action on Livestream, it was a serious hit!

Don't forget that eleven other cites were simultaneously taking part in Social Media Week 2012, although London being our amazing city made the most noise on Twitter throughout the week according to Brandwatch with 29% of the global buzz and over 50000+ Tweets, with New York close behind.

Day One

On Monday causing a stir was Twitter, the Butterfly effect and the future of Journalism with Andrew Walker, founder of Tweetminster; Paul Lewis, Special Projects Editor at the Guardian; Anna Doble, Senior Online Producer at Channel4 News; Steve Butterworth, founder of Flumes Media Limited; and Titia Ketelaar, UK correspondent at NRC Handelsblad. Paul Sawers from The Next Web brings you all the highlights.

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SMWLDN: Social CV Surgery @ Nokia Lumia House


Nokia is excited to support Social Media Week (13th-17th, February 2012) for the second consecutive year. To showcase its commitment to Social Media Week, Nokia UK, along with Milkround, will host ‘CV surgeries’ to share tips on ‘how to build a perfect social CV.’

The first 10 lucky people to register will be entered into a draw to win a Nokia Goodie Bag including the latest Nokia Lumia 710 smartphone and Monster music accessories.

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Nokia Social Innovation Lab

In this social media lab, you’ll get your chance to soak up some inspiring stories about starting a business, working for a cause, doing good or turning an idea into a successful career… all with the help of a little social media (of course).

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Date: 15 February 2012
Location: Design Council, UK