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Web in Feb

We’ve put together a month of special workshops and events for you to target and optimise your online audience to its maximum potential.

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Date: 5 February 2013
Location: British Library Business & IP Centre, UK

The Web Business Tool-Box: Practical Lessons for Web Companies and Entrepreneurs

A weekend workshop that addresses common business issues in web and tech companies through a no-nonsense approach. Topics covered will include how to choose the right programmers, how to manage software projects, and how to conduct effective online marketing.

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Date: 16 October 2010
Location: Ravensbourne College, UK

ONLINE BUSINESS ESSENTIALS 1: An Introduction to Online Business

The first workshop in the Online Business Essentials series provides an introduction to the skills required for putting a business online and creating an online presence.

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Date: 21 September 2010
Location: T8-04 Tower Building, UK

MADE in 48 Hours

Whether you are at the setup stage of the business or you are an established entrepreneur, digital marketing is the answer to problems your business might be facing. Made In 48 hours will equip you with all the necessary skills and knowledge to create an online presence and drive your business growth.

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Date: 10 September 2010
Location: Sheffield Hallam University, UK