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Heroes of Social Innovation, supported by Nokia

The rise of social media and social technology has demonstrated its power to revolutionise industries. In a very literal sense, the power to connect and collaborate is quite literally changing the world. Mobile technology and social networks enable groups to self-organise campaigns to gain worldwide momentum.

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Date: 24 September 2012
Location: Business & Enterprise Hub @ The Hub Westminster, UK

Space for SMWLDN HQ - Can you Help?

Lego Builders

The return of Social Media Week London (SMWLDN) 24-28 Sept will see a number of changes to the way SMWLDN works including the creation of several content-specific hubs and the launch of the SMWLDN work experience programme.

We're on the hunt for some space for the SMWLDN HQ in the run-up to September's event to house the team including the work experience folks and our fantastic volunteers that between them mean we can keep the majority of SMWLDN events free for everyone to attend. Can you help?

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Social Media Week London Awards 2012: And the winners are....

Your votes are in, London!

After a mammoth Social Media Week for 2012, it's time to reveal who you dubbed as this years best SMW Event and Speaker in London, as well as Social Media Personality and Campaign of the year!

Thankyou to all who participated in voting, Chinwag is delighted to announce our catergory winners for the SMW Awards 2012, sponsored by 3 Monkeys.

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Highlights which got us all going a-Twitter #SMWLDN

With over 180 events in London alone last week and over 15,000 registrations not including the people enjoying all the action on Livestream, it was a serious hit!

Don't forget that eleven other cites were simultaneously taking part in Social Media Week 2012, although London being our amazing city made the most noise on Twitter throughout the week according to Brandwatch with 29% of the global buzz and over 50000+ Tweets, with New York close behind.

Day One

On Monday causing a stir was Twitter, the Butterfly effect and the future of Journalism with Andrew Walker, founder of Tweetminster; Paul Lewis, Special Projects Editor at the Guardian; Anna Doble, Senior Online Producer at Channel4 News; Steve Butterworth, founder of Flumes Media Limited; and Titia Ketelaar, UK correspondent at NRC Handelsblad. Paul Sawers from The Next Web brings you all the highlights.

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Social@Ogilvy, Launch Party on The London Eye

This blog post about Social@Ogilvy is brought to you by DeadSocial as part of Social Media Week London 2012.  

On Monday I attended Social Media Week's 'Opening Reception' hosted by Chinwag. It was a good chance to meet some of the fellow startups who are attending SXSW this year.

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Social Celebrities

This event explores the direct relationship celebrities now have with the public through social channels. It will discuss the importance of reputation management and the social responsibilities of communicating en-mass.

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Date: 13 February 2012
Location: Fleet Place House, UK

Google @ SocialMediaWeek

Join us to hear the latest thinking on social media and our wider social worlds from Google experts, academics and advertisers including the legendary Robin Dunbar (of Dunbar's number fame), Cadburys, Oxfam and senior Googlers.

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Date: 16 February 2012
Location: Design Council, UK

Startup Social Media 101 – The What, How and So What

This is the session where you can ask “How do I start?” or “I have a really naïve question but…” – no question is silly. Aimed at Startups or those who are new to Social Media we’ll focus on the three core themes: The What, How and So What

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Date: 14 February 2012
Location: 01Zero-One, UK

Family Circles: Parents, Children and Marketers

Seen through the prism of the family, this session will investigate the dynamics of the socially connected family unit and how marketers engage. We’ll explore how children and parents use social media both separately and together and the effects of this on relationships between the generations.

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Date: 14 February 2012
Location: Design Council, UK

Event Highlights to Whet your Social Brow #smwldn

Here are the pick of some of our featured events which have just gone live. They are already making waves at this year's Social Media Week London, which is less than two weeks away! They are all hosted at this year's hub, the Design Council. Sign up now to secure your place.

Family Circles: Parents, Children and Marketers, Tuesday 14th February 

Seen through the prism of the family, this session will investigate the dynamics of the socially connected family unit and how marketers engage. Speakers include Jules Kendrick from Mumsnet and former Head of BBC Children's Interactive, Marc Goodchild

Inside the Firewall: The Social Business Revolution. Supported by Nokia, Friday 17th February 

How social media trends, disciplines and tactics are being used inside organisations to revolutionise internal communications, collaborative working, customer care, product development and building profitability. Confirmed speakers include, Head of Online at WWF UK, Adrian Cockle and Leading Consultant on Social Business, Euan Semple

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Filling up Fast #smwldn

We're delighted to annouce that since event registration opened last week on the 17th January there have been over five thousand unique attendees register for events globally in the twelve key cities taking part in this year's Social Media Week 2012 which focuses on Empowering Change through Collaboration.

Over two thousand attendees are registered for events in London alone. Which events are you coming to? Keep an eye out on the schedule of events as more are being added every day! 

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Social Media Week London 2012: Integrating Moderation, Insight and Engagement

This free social media management workshop is part of Social Media Week London 2012 @ Exmouth House Social #ExHoSo

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Date: 14 February 2012
Location: Exmouth House, UK

Social Media Week: Empowering Change through Coaching - 1-2-1 Coaching Sessions

As part of Social Media Week 2012 I will be providing 1-2-1 coaching sessions free throughout the week to SMW attendees. In return all I ask is for those taking up the offer to be prepared to share a little of their digital or social media expertise and wisdom to help me get to grips with my own communications challenges in 2012.

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Date: 13 February 2012
Location: I can come to you or find a suitable venue, UK

No Event too Big or too Small, all are Welcome at #smwldn

Thinking of getting really involved in this year's Social Media Week and organising your own special event?

Now is your chance. You don't need to be a large company or an agency or even a professional event organiser. Anyone can submit a event for the week, all you need is our handy guide to event planning and some good ideas. 

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