How to Build a Collaborative Event…

Human Pyramid

Building a collaborative event is not for the faint hearted. Many an event producer has run for the hills when faced with a large committee of partners let alone trying to lead a large team of stakeholders.

If, however, you are brave and follow a few guidelines the benefits of collaboration can be mind-blowing and much bigger than you could ever manage on your own.

Here is a guide based on my learnings directing Social Media Week (SMW) the London Games Fringe & Onemedia.  During SMW we had over 53 event partners, 50+ venues, 110 events and 40 experts on the advisory board. All of this was accomplished in under 16 weeks and here is how:

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In The Brain of Allan Kelly: What does it take to be an Agile company?

Everyone wants to be Agile, or so it seems. But what does that mean? In this talk, Allan Kelly will considers what it means to be Agile and what you need to do to be an Agile company, rather than a company which just follows an Agile method.

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Date: 10 August 2011
Location: Skills Matter, UK

Workshop: Social Media Training (Intermediate)

Use an integrated set of social media techniques to support every stage of the buying decision and turn general awareness into profitable relationships.

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Date: 7 April 2011
Location: etc Venues, UK

IAB Mobile Advertising Course

This new 1 day course is the definitive practical training to enable you to harness the power of this growing medium. Incorporating the latest IAB research, case studies ,talks from industry leading specialists and practical workshops which enable you to get going as soon as you get back to your office.

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Date: 2 July 2010
Location: Internet Advertising Bureau, UK

BLN Growth Forum

Our speakers have collectively created over $10 billion of value from scratch. Join us at an exclusive, one-day, high-level forum to learn from their mistakes...

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Date: 15 July 2010
Location: The Hauser Forum, UK

Online seminar with Gerd Leonhard & Alan Moore: thriving commercially in social media and the networked society

This interactive seminar run by Gerd Leonhard and Alan Moore is based upon their combined and extensive experience of working with many companies in helping them make the transition from a linear mass media model to a networked one. They will provide via case histories, practical guidance of how to thrive commercially in the networked society.

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Date: 1 March 2010
Location: Online, UK

Social Media in Business

Social Media In Business will empower your company to understand the potency of online conversations & more importantly when and how to engage with a meaningful response.

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Date: 23 October 2009
Location: London Venue TBC, UK

Web Content Strategy

Are you planning to redevelop, refresh or amend your website in the next 12 months? If so, you’ll find this Web Content Strategy seminar a great place to learn more! Featuring talks on 4 areas you should be considering before investing. At this seminar you will learn: how to create an effective website choose the best web content management system Usability testing and best practice Customer Service with Virtual Assistants

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Date: 19 November 2008
Location: 60 Cannon Street, UK

Web Strategy

Are you planning to redevelop, refresh or amend your website in the next 12 months? If so, you’ll find this Web Content Strategy seminar a great place to learn more! Featuring talks on 4 areas you should be considering before investing.

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Date: 19 November 2008
Location: UK

Managing Digital Channels Best Practice Guide


As the importance of digital media in influencing and supporting purchase continues to increase dramatically, companies face many new management challenges to integrate e-commerce and digital marketing into their marketing activities.

E-consultancy commissioned this interview and survey-based research to assess a range of medium to large UK organisations for the following:

-) Common issues and challenges faced by managers responsible for integrating digital channels into their marketing and business operations.

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How to Sell Good Marketing to Your CEO


Practical advice for everyone who has a tough time getting a CEO to say "Yes!" to marketing, PR and/or advertising budgets or campaigns. Includes insights on how to handle the 8 different CEO-types. Also useful for agencies advising clients.

Do you (or your clients) sometimes have a hard time getting sign-off on new campaign ideas? Does upper management challenge or stonewall your plans?

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Think and a Drink

  A strong public relations campaign can be invaluable to any business. Join us at next month’s Think and a Drink to learn about and understand the importance of a good PR strategy. PR is a great way to manage communication between your company and your key audiences and to build and sustain a positive image and reputation. Free to Connect and GameHorizon members, £15 to non–members  

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Date: 12 June 2008
Location: UK