Master Your Happiness to Create Astonishing (Start-up) Succes

In this session, best-selling author and happiness expert Sophie Keller will talk about the science behind how happiness feeds success. You will learn practical, digestible techniques that will help you get happier!

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Date: 1 October 2014
Location: Unruly HQ, UK

Internet Leaders Dinner: Cut the Crap with Ajaz Ahmed

This is a no–nonsense and entertaining talk about what it takes to be successful based on real life experiences and observations. Not to be missed!

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Date: 21 November 2013
Location: Elysee Restaurant, UK

How Did Facebook Advertising Get So Big?


The figures are enough to make your head spin: in the first half of 2011 Facebook revealed it had doubled revenue to $1.6 billion - with $500 million of that pure profit - and is on track to exceed $4 billion by the end of the year. Not bad for what began as an online college yearbook.

Facebook's astonishing growth in revenue is closely tied to user growth. The network has accrued a greater number of users than ever before, rising to over 800 million worldwide, extending to diverse demographics and locales, and enabling advertisers to reach and engage consumers with utmost precision and frequency.

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