Technical Aspects of Agile

8 Jul 2008 - 15:06 - 9 Jul 2008 - 17:00

With Skillset support the cost of each course for eligible freelancers has been reduced by £325 but places are very limited.

Delegates must meet the eligibility criteria set out by Skillset and places will only be confirmed upon receipt of the course fee in full.

To book email Lydia at

Day One:

Keyframes: Different types of keyframe, Velocity, Keyframe shortcuts, Keyframe graph editor, Type Draw, Paint, All About Alphas, Working with Photoshop, Dots, Pixels and Inches, Working with Illustrator, Plugging in Type, The Matrix, Particle Playground, More On Effects, Production Bundle Effects Round Up, Compound Effects, Animation Assistants, Additional Assistants, Motion Fun

Express Yourself, Animation and behaviour presets, Keying Using Keylight.

Day Two

Expressions: Writing a simple expression, Linking expressions to motion track, Time and Tracking

Time Remapping, Time Games, On Stable Ground, Motion Tracking, Time warp, NLE Integration, Integration 101: Integration with Nonlinear Editing Systems, Working with 3D. Cameras Lights,

3D Layers, Format Issues and Rendering, Luminance and IRE Issues, Working with D1/DV NTSC

Working with Widescreen, Pre rendering and Proxies.Advanced Rendering: Render Farm Concept

Video Issues, Playing the Field, 3:2 Pulldown, What’s Your Preference? The Secret Preferences

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£180 (conc. £162)
Zero One
Soho Centre
Peter Street
United Kingdom of Great Britain & N. Ireland