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Advertising with Chinwag

Chinwag has a broad audience within the digital industry. Through our websites, live events and email discussion lists we reach over 30,000 people per month working across the digital sector covering the design, technology, creative, marketing, business, sales and strategy.

As a Chinwag advertiser not only will your brand and products benefit from exposure to our website and email audiences, but also from the positive brand association with one of the industry’s oldest and most respected communities.

For full details of all our advertising rates and sponsorship packages, salesatchinwag [dot] com (email us) or call on +44 7480 137465.

Recruitment Advertising on Chinwag Jobs

Chinwag JobsFor information about advertising on Chinwag Jobs, the leading specialist digital recruitment website, Chinwag Jobs, please check the info on the website or download the Chinwag Jobs ratecard or salesatchinwag [dot] com (drop a line to our sales team).

A bit about Chinwag

Founded in 1996, Chinwag is an aggregator and connecting rod for ideas and talent in the new media industry.

Providing panel discussion and networking events, aggregated blog feeds, events listings, email-based community forums, websites, email newsletters and consultancy for the new media industry, our aim is to connect people working in digital media - both virtually and in real-life - in a friendly, informal and relaxed environment.

Our first forum, an email discussion list called uk-netmarketing, is still acknowledged as a key destination for industry professionals. Chinwag’s suite of mailing lists has now grown to cover other topics including viral campaign launches, design, usability, web TV and mobile marketing.

In February 2007, Chinwag launched Chinwag Live, a series of panel sessions and debate designed to cast light on trends in the digital media and marketing industry. Events have featured a wide range of well-known digerati and generated substantial coverage, with each event sold out.

In addition, Chinwag publishes Chinwag Jobs, the leading recruitment website for online marketing, digital media, web design and technical positions. It’s used by the BBC,, Yahoo!, Vodafone and the majority of recruitment agencies who place staff in the sector.

Advertising opportunities – Websites

Website advertising features on:

The formats for advertising on

  • MPU rectangle - 300 x 250 (see example in top right-hand corner)
  • Blog sponsorship - 100 x 72 logo and 30 words on your product, service or offer
  • Section sponsorship - your logo on key sections such as the email discussion list pages or event calendar

The formats for display advertising on Chinwag Jobs:

  • Button adverts - 160 x 90 or 120 x 90
  • Homepage button - 200 x 110
  • Skyscraper vertical banner - 120 x 600 or 160 x 600

Looking to post a vacancy? Find out more about advertising with Chinwag Jobs or if you prefer the personal touch salesatchinwag [dot] com (email our sales team) or call on +44 7480 137465

Advertising opportunities - Newsletters

Advertising opportunities are also available across all Chinwag’s newsletters:

  • Chinwag News - chinwag-announce is the list advising subscribers about upcoming services, major events and other news
  • Chinwag Events - the newsletter detailing upcoming Chinwag and other industry events
  • Chinwag Jobs - the latest recruitment news, tips and top jobs from the digital sector

The formats for advertising in our newsletters are:

  • Display adverts in our HTML email newsletters  

Advertising Opportunities – Discussion Lists

Email discussion lists are forums for like-minded professionals to talk about developments in their industry. Chinwag’s email discussion lists include:

  • uk-netmarketing – covering effective real-world and online marketing, reach/frequency, sector-specific marketing, social media, search and more
  • uk-design – discussion for digital designers including feedback and advice, news, opinions
  • uk-usability – discussion of designing usable web interfaces, ergonomics, user-centered design and how to measure success
  • uk-wirelessmarketing – discussion of the latest developments in mobile marketing
  • uk-webtv – discussion of business development and marketing for web and mobile delivered TV and video
  • uk-ecommerce – covers the business issues of online trading focusing on developments in e-commerce and the discussion of retailers
  • flasher  – the very popular, high-volume home to developers using Adobe's Flash plug-in, covering basic and advanced topics

The formats for advertising on our discussion lists are:

  • Text footer adverts of between three and six lines of text, with a maximum of 65 characters per line on each email.

Chinwag Live Sponsorship Opportunities

Chinwag Live events are interactive and informative panel sessions designed to create a relaxed environment, where the audience can quiz the panel and are an active part of the debate.

Launched in February 2007 and with over 30 events under its belt, the series has built up a loyal following with events selling out quickly. Chinwag Live events are widely promoted both to Chinwag’s community, and through the network of sites, partners, social media networks we work with as well as the wider digital media industry.

Sponsors have included: Adobe,, Big Mouth Media, Channel 4, CNET Networks UK, dotMobi, GFK, Microsoft, Neutralize, Propel, Purple and Xchangeteam.

Contact Us

To find out more about our advertising and sponsorship packages, please salesatchinwag [dot] com (email our sales team) or call +44 7480 137465