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I recently formed Akeman Solutions that takes a fresh approach to providing business solutions based on cloud technology. Akeman believes that it is what you can do with technology that is important and not the underlying hardware and software. Akeman Solutions provide its customers with a complete end to end solution in a scalable and cost effective manner. I was responsible for the London Underground Digital Advertising estate including software, network, escalator, corridor and cross track projection.

Cloud and Mobile - All change!

Clouds and Sun rays by Prashanth dotcompals

Who would like to be in a market whose device base is larger than the currently installed base of PCs and is set to grow by 4.5 times in the next 3 years?

I attended the Mobile Cloud Computing Forum last week thanks to Chinwag (apologies for the delay in posting this - Ed), and these predictions, based on a
Gartner paper made me sit up and listen.

There are currently close to 5 billion mobile phones in the world, this is going to rise to 6 billion in 2013. In 2013 there will be 1.82 billion smartphones on the planet, up from 400 million today, and surpassing the 1.78 billion PCs predicted for then.

Advertising globally is worth some $368 billion with $1 billion being spent on mobile. This is set to rise to $30 billion in 2013. Machine to machine communication has a potential for up to 60 billion devices. This market is yet to take off but does have some interesting applications within vending, gaming and smart monitoring, so one to watch for the future.

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