UKNM Roundup: 28-07-2000

PR vs. Advertising in the Dotcom Marketing Mix
UK-Netmarketing Weekly Round-up - July 28, 2000

More than ever, investor's beady eyes are scrutinising what their marketing pounds are buying. Which weapon in the marketing arsenal works best for dotcoms? PR? Advertising?

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UKNM Roundup: 21-07-2000 controversy
UK-Netmarketing Weekly Round-up - July 21, 2000

Every so often a topic comes along that gets everyone chatting. Usually it tends to be some retail website hitting the rocks, or a really daft marketing campaign. This time however, it was an advert during Channel 4�s Emillionaire. It wasn�t the advert for per se, but some of the policies applied by those behind the site.

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UKNM Roundup: 14-07-2000

To be an Emillionaire
UK-Netmarketing Weekly Round-up - July 14, 2000

You might have though a show giving away £1m investment to a prospective Internet business might have caused some grumbling on UKNM. The launch of Channel 4's Emillionaire show was met with surprising ambivalence, perhaps everyone is too busy working or jaded from the plethora of new media TV shows on our screens.

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UKNM Roundup: 07-07-2000

Top 100 ebusiness list credible?
UK-Netmarketing Weekly Round-up - July 7, 2000

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