September 2002

Chinwag's Old Blog: New Digital & Interactive TV Marketing Discussion List

Our new list, uk-digitaltvmarketing, covering all aspects of marketing using interactive television (iTV) and digital tv soft launched a couple of weeks ago. Over 100 people have signed up so far, and the discussion is beginning to get going now.

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Chinwag's Old Blog: A Chicane on the Super-Highway

A couple of interesting snippets today... after all the furore over BT's �10 advertising campaign (cue: Freeserve and other ISPs getting upset about their virtual monopoly), there's news that BT are restricting their Anytime subscribers - those people who thought they could surf the net unrestricted - to 150 hours/month, and then an hourly charge.

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Chinwag's Old Blog: Don't Take It Seriously... We're Only Blogging

So... after all the hype about blogs, and the numerous mailings to uk-netmarketing about them, we decided that it was time for Chinwag to do it's own.

More importantly, it gives us a way to pick up on interesting issues of the hour/week/day/month/year and highlight them in more detail. We'll also post links, references and other bits and pieces that we come across here, making it easy to find some of the really interesting tidbits that come up on Chinwag's discussion lists and elsewhere.

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Chinwag's Old Blog: Blog Starting Points

Aside from highlighting some of the useful bits and pieces that crop up on the discussion lists, setting up this Blog gave me an opportunity to delve into the different tools for putting together a Blog. It was fascinating to discover how much the tools have evolved since I first started looking at them a year or so ago.

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Chinwag's Old Blog: Web Metrics - Let's Measure Everything

Return on Investment (ROI) is the word on everyone's lips at the moment. It's definitely coming up trumps on buzzword bingo in pitches and meetings at the moment and with good reason. This whole web thang ain't never gonna work if it doesn't make money, but then after the shake-out last year that message has been firmly imprinted in everyone's brain.

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