October 2002

Chinwag's Old Blog: If You Go Down To The Wood Today - Fun With BugBear

Alongside the delightful invitations to send my bank details to Nigeria, and suggestions to view some nymphettes and her friends, I've started receiving emails from strangers asking me why I've been sending them strange emails which have sent their virus scanners wild.

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Chinwag's Old Blog: There's 3G Routers in The Water

OK, so that's not strictly true and on the face of it not a great idea to put expensive and sophisticated electronic machinery into water. It might be fun to watch, and if blowing up things is your bag, try out some Smartie pyrotechnics à la Big Clive (Warning: not for the faint-hearted or children or chocolate lovers).

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Chinwag's Old Blog: Broadband Pigs Might Fly and Late Night Shopping

Strange that BT would choose a series of flying pigs to feature in their adverts promoting broadband Internet access. I'm still scratching my head and trying to figure out whether they thought they were being post-ironic. Maybe I'm missing the humorous side of it, altogether.

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