Chinwag's Old Blog: UK High-Speed Access Grows by 235%

Recent research from Nielsen//NetRatings, covered by Netimperative is claiming a massive rise in the number of high-speed internet connections in the UK with a staggering 235% growth rate. Across the whole of Europe, the rate is lower at 136%, but still represents significant growth.

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Chinwag's Old Blog: Fake Conference For 419ers

The number 419 may mean nothing to you. However, if you've had an email address for a while the chances are a solicitation has slipped through your spam filters enticing you to send your bank details off to Nigeria to share in untold wealth.

The 4-1-9 scam is particularly well known, with both the US Secret Service and the Nigerian Government setting up websites devoted to tackling the problem.

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Chinwag's Old Blog: Are You A Marketing Guru?

Well. Are you? Now's your chance to prove your marketing nouse, with this Marketing IQ test from Copernicus Marketing Consulting.

Decide whether the 20 statements presented are true or false. For the cop-outs amongst us, there's a don't know option, too. Correct answers get you points, which you'll lose for getting questions wrong. Fun and educational. What more could you ask for?

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Chinwag's Old Blog: Overseas Conferences - Convince Your Boss

Finding the time and budget to attend a conference these days is getting more and more difficult. If international terrorism and lurgies don't put you off, then there's a good chance you'll spend plenty of time trying to convince the powers that be they should let you jet off to some exotic location.

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Chinwag's Old Blog: 80% of Biz Users Prefer Email to Phone

A snippet from Meta Group's April study featured in the ever-useful eMarketer Daily, provides confirmation that email usage in the corporate world dominates the volume of communications. 80% of respondents preferred email to phone. Interestingly, the speed and effectiveness of email weren't the key factors. The top three reasons were:

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Chinwag's Old Blog: Wireless Hotspots Set to Sky Rocket

It can be a major test of patience and pocket if you're looking for a wireless hotspot. Even in a teeming metropolis like London there's no guide map, and only persistent online searches reveal the location of the capital's hotspots. Places where you can surf wirefree crop up in the strangest places, for example the BP services on the A4 on the way into London.

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Chinwag's Old Blog: 50% Less Spam for Europeans

Have a heart. According to a recent report from Ferris Research, the average US worked receives 10 spam emails per day, compared to only 5 for their lucky European, Middle Eastern and African (EMEA) counterparts.

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Chinwag's Old Blog: Toilet-Based Surfing - Microsoft's iLoo

Following a previous story about reading email on the toilet, it's been fascinating watching recent stories on The Register.

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Chinwag's Old Blog: Sales Management Tool Roundup

A recent posting to the uk-netmarketing discussion list asked for recommendations for sales management tools.

Following a flood of replies, we've compiled a list of the tools mention, which gives a pretty comprehensive look at the different software and ASP solutions available on the market at the moment.

Software Solutions

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Chinwag's Old Blog: 'The Friday Thing' team venture offline

Paid-for online content is all the rage these days, following hot(ish) on the heels of the FT, The Times and The Independent have both launched sections which you'll have to cough up to view.

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