Chinwag's Old Blog: OFFICIAL - Women Buy More Online

It might be an age-old stereotype, but in that freaky way that activity online mirrors the real-world, so it does here, too. A survey produced by, reported by eMarketer, showed that the balance of US online buyers in 2002 shifted towards a majority of female buyers.

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Chinwag's Old Blog: Console Convergence - Sony's New PSX

What do you get if you cross a games console, TV tuner, a personal video recorder (e.g. TiVo or Sky+) with a recordable DVD player, music player and throw in some Internet connectivity for good measure?

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Chinwag's Old Blog: 60% of Users Depend on Internet

Ask someone how they found out information about their latest holiday and it's increasingly likely they'll have used the Internet. Heck, even my Dad's at it and he only started using a computer in the last couple of years. According to a recent survey by Churchill Insurance, 60% of us depend daily on the Internet.

Some other titbits from the research:

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