January 2008

How your brand can benefit from monitoring and connecting online

Paying attention to your brand can be easy and invaluable. Many larger brands employ tools or services to monitor offline mentions and communications, but how many are connecting this fully online?

At the most basic level, monitoring references to your product, brand or service can be achieved simply through Google Alerts. There are more advanced solutions that can track the importance of the content, the importance of the poster and the potential influence of a post, but we'll leave that for a later post.

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Talent Shortages Blight Digital Sector

After lots of conversations with candidates and employers using Chinwag Jobs during 2007, it appeared that a dearth of high calibre candidates was causing headaches to many companies across the digital media sector. To get a fuller picture of the situation, the Chinwag Jobs Digital Skills Survey 2007 was undertaken in December 2007 and with over 200 respondents, a clearer view emerged.

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Google's Algorithm Update Favours Bloggers

Google has been working to increase the frequency of its indexing, so how does this affect your SEO?

We have seen Google indexing blog posts in under two hours over recent weeks which is fantastic news for fresh content like this. However, one of the cornerstones of the natural search algorithim has always been links to the page.

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2008 Predict-a-thon Part 2

OK, so I thought I'd got some of the major predictions for the year. Deirdre's back in the office for half a day, and wallop, she's got a hole lot more to add to the list. And their corkers:

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Guest Contributors Tackle Skills Emergency

Ah, the New Year. Dreary weather, snow (although not in Soho), lack of daylight and the tricksy return to work. It's no surprise that it's the hottest time of year for the recruitment business. Chinwag Jobs has seen over 100 new vacancies posted in the last 48 hours alone, and there's no sign of the pace slowing.

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2008 Predict-a-thon

The relative peace of these first three days back in the office has given me far too many opportunities to procrastinate on the rather impressive email mountain that's appeared in my inbox over the holidays. In a further, and I'd like to think, rather productive attempt to put off tackling this I cast an email out to the sages of the uk-netmarketing list hunting for 2008 predictions for digital media, either those they'd found online or, if brave enough, any of their own.

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