March 2008

Finding & Attracting Talent - part 2

We've been so busy here interviewing that I forgot to post this weeks ago! Anyway, here goes part 2 of finding & attracting talent ...

Once you think you have the ideal CV, the most common next step is the interview.

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Measuring Social Media follow-up

Chinwag Live sessions are designed to get a conversation going between the panel and the audience. As you'd expect, some subjects generate more chat than others. And some grow a life of their own.

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Phorm CEO joins Manchester panel

We're delighted to confirm that Phorm's CEO, Hugo Drayton (he of Electronic Telegraph fame) is joining the panel when Chinwag Live hits Manchester.

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SXSW Interactive 08 panel - The 10 Commandments of Nice

On 9th March I swung by the session hosted by the Preloaded guys. Ten Commandments? The sheer (tongue-in) cheek of it intrigued me...

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Information graphics

I was pleased to hear that The Guardian’s graphics team have won a clutch of medals at this years Malofiej Infographics Awards – awards dedicated to communication graphics in newspapaers, magazines and the internet.

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Tomorrow's Ad Formats sold out

Sorry to all those who missed out on tickets for Chinwag Live next week, Tomorrow's Ad Formats, the event sold out in record time. Frown

The good news is that we'll be running another event on the same topic in Manchester on Tuesday 15th April, in partnership with the crew at Manchester Digital.

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Google launches free publisher adserver

On the day the Google Doubleclick deal goes ahead, we see the launch of Google Ad Manager. Their free ad management tool.

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PR and publishing voices at Tomorrow's Ad Formats

Our next panel, Chinwag Live: Tomorrow's Ad Formats on Tuesday 18th March is shaping up to be an interesting evening...

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