Mobile internet: the power of potential

“We are just on the cusp of what’s possible in mobile”

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Ten deadly sins of the mobile web

Following on from the above post about last night’s Mobile Marketing shindig we’ve summarised the top design and content mistakes that companies make when they transfer their online site to the mobile web.

Worthy of bearing in mind, I’m sure you’ll agree:

1) Not environmentally specific

2) Ignoring limitations of mobile devices

3) Failing to exploit the possibilites of mobile devises - it takes calls, its a calendar, it contains gps – you can take advantage of all of these.

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Digg – the prototype for the future web

While having a browse online I came across this little belter - A Beginner's Guide To Digg on the Pronet Advertising blog. It’s two years old but hey it’s still pretty good.

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It’s a treasure map but not as we know it

Ok it’s official. I’ve tried to deny it, talk myself out of it but I am indeed a geek. It’s true. Hey, it’s cool to be a geek. I would even go as far to call it chic. Geek-chic.

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Festival of socially powered media in the post-broadcast era

Over the 2nd and 3rd of July the 2gether08 festival in London will look at how ideas and popular technology interact. The event is a forum that looks at improving our lives through digital media. Those presenting or developing ideas in the sessions at 2gether08 can take advantage of potential investment from 4IP’s £50 million fund.

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Making metrics fun

I'm sitting innocently at my desk, chowing down on a sarnie from one of Soho's many fine eateries, flicking through the mountain of blog posts stacked up in Google Reader.

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Digital skills shortage: pure economics?

At Chinwag we’ve been chatting about the skills shortage in digital for some time. We did a survey on the topic too at the end of 2007 to find out exactly how digital was faring. The results were quite worrying.

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Risk management and social media

Apparently, in 2007, 16% of companies saw confidential information divulged online, 1 in 10 saw financial information leaked and ¾ of companies disciplined employees for abuse of email. So how do you know if your employees aren't divulging company secrets online? Simple – you don’t.

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A creative collective - training discounts for web and print design

Want authorized Adobe training? Want a training provider accredited to ISO:9001? Want to work with Chinwag’s training partner? Want all this at a 10% discount for being a Chinwag reader? Find out how you can benefit.

Mekon Creatives, the leading training and recruitment provider to the design and creative industries is teaming up with Chinwag - a creative partnership of sorts.

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BBC News Interactive moves centre-stage

In the words of Pete Clifton, the BBC’s head of News Interactive: “Online now drives tv content”.

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