February 2010

Ale 2.0 Winter Warmer Tonight, The First Round's On Us

Gundestrup Ale by Bernt RostadWhat could be a finer idea for a Thursday evening than to make some new friends whilst chewing the fat over the some of the finest ales London’s west end has to offer?

Chinwag and Chinwag Jobs are proud to be supporting the second Ale 2.0 (see below) meet up which is being held tonight at a charming little pub called The Cross Keys near Covent Garden.

The agenda for Ale 2.0 is nice and easy; there is no agenda, it’s simply a monthly meet up for all ye digital marketing folk to discus the finer points of the industry whilst enjoying a pint of the good stuff, there’s no name badges, no boring presentations and more importantly no egos.

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Final Call: List of Digital Internships

Ticking Clock by HauggenIn spite of job prospects for graduates looking bleak, there appears to be lots of opportunities in the digital sector to score some fantastic internship opportunities.

Roll up, roll up, we'll be publishing the list of programmes at the end of this week...if you'd like to include your company's programme/requirements, fill out the simple form and yes, it's all free, just something we're trying out.

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The Future of Digital, Cream Tea & David Rowan

cream tea by I woz ereIt might sound like a slightly odd mixture, but the combination of digital futurology, a chance to hear Wired UK's, David Rowan whilst chowing down on a cream tea, sounds like a rather ideal Friday afternoon.

Organised by the (prepare for your afternoon tongue-twister), Creative Industries Knowledge Transfer Network, or (thankfully) KTN, who have already run a major nationwide survey and carried out interviews with leading figures as well as workshops and networking events, Digital Lounges, nationwide.

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Toy Collector: Future of Online Shopping in Social Media

Toy Shop window - FlickreBay and Amazon may be the twin giants of online shopping but there's still plenty of space for specialist retailers with strong communities of buyers.

Meet Martingale, an alumni of the Digital Mission to NYC 2009. They’re helping to transform the world of buying classic toys by making things much more socially interactive.

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New Central London Freelance Hub in Shoreditch

London graffiti art - Flickr photoAre you currently freelancing to pay the bills? It's great working in your pyjamas but are you running low on office banter? Fed up with talking to the wall?

A new digital freelance space has opened up in the heart of Shoreditch, Central London, and it's cheap, cheap like the proverbial budgie.

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Gathering List of Digital Internships & Work Placements

@geekyouup's desk @mippin by whatleydudeLast week, a student on the hunt for work experience, posted to Chinwag's uk-design email discussion list:

"I am looking to do a web dev / usability / UX type internship but the results of my search thus far have been disappointing. Most of the places I have been in touch with seem to want a general office bod who will do menial tasks for free under the guise of "work experience". I'm aware that most of these positions are unpaid, and I'm happy to do that, as long as I'm learning something along the way.

Fortunately, the good folks on the uk-design list responded en masse and we later heard that she'd found a suitable spot in under 24 hours. What followed, was a flurry of firms asking for interns.

We're big fans of intern programmes at Chinwag and have had a few successful candidates pass through Chinwag Towers. Seeing such a strong interest, we've decided to gather the information together, and summarise in a blog post, or something more industrial, if necessary.

If your firm, or you know people looking for real interns and not just office juniors, please do get them to fill out the form below.

There's some exciting positions that have been added already from the likes of Pharmiweb and Adidas, so add yours. We'll leave the form open for a few days.

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