February 2011

Apprenticeship Scheme Launches for Creative & Digital Industry


Creative and Digital Media Apprenticeships offer a great way to harness fresh new talent that understands the digital world.  They provide £10k worth of industry designed training, professional development  and up skilling of existing or new staff across a 12 month period and at no cost to your company (excluding the wage that you pay them).

Many employers are taking on apprentices to help support project delivery, build and run their websites, develop social marketing strategy and run events.

Following on from our recent launch of the Creative and Digital Media Apprenticeships at Apple’s headquarters we have a further 20 free and fully funded apprenticeships available to employers now.

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Time for a Change? Take a look at our Featured Jobs...


If you're in the mood for a change or want to try a new direction, this is the place to be.  Below are some of our Featured Jobs, if nothing takes your fancy, there are plenty more opportunities to be found on Chinwag Jobs.  Happy hunting!

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This Could be the Start of Something Big! - Making the Most of Email Welcome Campaigns

Stream:20 LogoThis blog post about Email Campaigns is brought to you by Dylan and Stream:20, who are recruiting an Email Consultant, see Chinwag Jobs for more information.

Would you turn up to a first date with a spare set of house keys to hand over?  Or immediately launch into conversation about which school to send your future children to?  Hopefully not.  There's a time and a place and that certainly isn't it.

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Cloud and Mobile - All change!

Clouds and Sun rays by Prashanth dotcompals

Who would like to be in a market whose device base is larger than the currently installed base of PCs and is set to grow by 4.5 times in the next 3 years?

I attended the Mobile Cloud Computing Forum last week thanks to Chinwag (apologies for the delay in posting this - Ed), and these predictions, based on a
Gartner paper made me sit up and listen.

There are currently close to 5 billion mobile phones in the world, this is going to rise to 6 billion in 2013. In 2013 there will be 1.82 billion smartphones on the planet, up from 400 million today, and surpassing the 1.78 billion PCs predicted for then.

Advertising globally is worth some $368 billion with $1 billion being spent on mobile. This is set to rise to $30 billion in 2013. Machine to machine communication has a potential for up to 60 billion devices. This market is yet to take off but does have some interesting applications within vending, gaming and smart monitoring, so one to watch for the future.

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Google One Pass: Changing the face of publishing?

Disused RFID turnstyles, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.JPG by Cory Doctorow

Google's One Pass hurriedly graduated yesterday from University in Berlin hot on the heels of the announcement of Apple's subscription service.

The online content payment platform is available to publishers in the UK, US, Canada, France, Italy, Germany and Spain. The subscription billing application will be making its way onto smart phones, tablets and computers in the UK, mainland Europe and the States now.

How it works?

Readers who purchase content from a One Pass publisher can access their content on tablets, smart phones and websites after signing in with their Gmail email and password.

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Reaching New Audiences via Branded Social Games

MUZIK HAUS : MR WIDGET by rafeejewell

The social gaming market is predicted to reach $1bn in 2011, a result of investment by big brands using games to engage consumers. One of the drivers for this investment is the development of technology leading to a deeper integration of social technology and online gaming, making it more attractive to a wider audience (as shown in both US and UK research).

Branded social games and virtual world environments can provide consumers with the chance to immerse themselves in an online environment dedicated to their favourite film franchise (such as Lord of the Rings Online) or book (like Scholastic’s upcoming Horrible Histories world, based on our HuzuTech platform).

But the most important development that’s opened up the market is the ability to include a social element to games. This stops the game becoming the domain of a single player and opens it up to allow players to chat to each other, share scores and information, and effectively market the game on the brand’s behalf by bringing friends in and posting updates to their existing networks (like Facebook).

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TSB Launches £200,000 IC tomorrow Scheme for Digital Media Entrepreneurs


A new initiative announced by the Technology Strategy Board (TSB), sees the launch of IC tomorrow, a platform for content owners and app developers to test drive ideas and applications with a closed group of consumers (sign-up here) using content from major content owners including Sony Music, Getty Images and Crytek.

The platform will host 20 consumer trials focused on the creative industries including music, TV/film and publishing, with a total fund of £200,000 up for grabs to support six month-long trials on the platform. Entrepreneurs are being encouraged to use the platform which will also include mentoring, as well as up to £10,000 per project funding and access to premium content.

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Overcoming the Fear of Embracing Social Customer Feedback

shout! by su neko

Some brands are actively scared about using their social channels to provide customer services, but they don’t realise the opportunity they’re missing.

In general the thinking goes something like this:

  • If we let people leave negative remarks, then they will put off other potential customers.
  • It’s impossible to solve every problem through social channels – so why try?
  • If someone has to answer all the queries, that will mean having to hire more staff.

Let’s look at each of these in detail.

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UKTI Mission to SXSW Interactive 2011 - The Companies Announced

Packed SXSW Interactive Keynote by Mary Sledd

Congratulations to the 31 leading UK digital companies that have been selected for this year's UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) Mission to SXSW Interactive 2011.

This trip will see the companies travel out to Austin, Texas for a five day trip in and around South by South West Interactive, one of the largest conferences focused on digital media and technology.

Each of the companies is listed below, don't hesitate to drop them a line directly to arrange a time to meet up in Austin, or follow their progress via their Twitter accounts below. You can follow the UKTI team's coverage of the mission on Twitter @uktiatsxswi.

UKTI SXSW 2011 Mission Companies

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Fail to Plan Your Social Campaign - Plan to Fail!

FAIL (possible EPIC FAIL) by Rob Boudon

A key mistake made by brands when they first enter the social sphere is to forget that they’ll need a way to measure the tangible success of their efforts. Effectively brands leave themselves unable to measure the ROI of their social activity and as a result it can very easily become a wasted effort.

When you first engage through sites such as Facebook or Twitter it’s very easy to be fooled into thinking that a million online followers is an end to itself, but if you haven’t at the very least considered a future strategy for turning your new online friends (followers and fans) into *real* customers, it’s highly unlikely to happen on its own.

Just as with any other marketing campaign, clear objectives should be set right from the start that can be clearly measured and analysed in order to tell you exactly how successful your activities have been.

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