Pump Up the Volume [VIDEO]

Can content shout? Ben Peacock from Outbrain knows that ‘amplifying’ a campaign can work, as proven by Do the Mobot.

The campaign

We partnered with Virgin Media and, via Fifty6 Media, the Mo Farah Foundation, to launch the campaign – raising profile and proceeds for the most vulnerable across East Africa.

The focus was a short video, narrated by DJ Tim Westwood, which provided step-by-step instructions on how to carry out Mo’s trademark move, encouraging users to upload their own videos. Each one earned a £2 donation courtesy of Virgin Media.

What we did

We were tasked with engaging relevant users via our publisher network, driving traffic to the dedicated YouTube channel.

How we did it

A series of sophisticated proprietary algorithms identify content uniquely interesting to each reader, rather than just contextually similar. Greater personalisation improves user experience and lengthens engagement.

One of the most popular article headlines was ‘UK’s hottest dance craze inspired by Olympian’ which had 4,136,566 impressions, 5,407 clicks and a click through rate (CTR) of 0.13%.

What success looks like

The campaign delivered 127% of its target number of clicks and an average CTR of 0.11%, with The Daily Telegraph, Sky News and the Mirror Group among the top referrer sites.

To celebrate, we couldn't resist cracking out the Mobot in the office! 

Photo (cc) The Department for Culture, Media and Sport 

Check out the 'Do The Mobot" Video Below