It's the Weekend! Time to Work at SXSW

The StandA sleepy Austin, Texas, eased it's way into Sunday. At 2am the clocks switched to Day Light Savings time, cruelly robbing the South by South West attendees of a much needed hour's sleep. I say 'much needed', but there were people crowds up and working their way between the parties and meet ups into the early hours of the morning.

It's a big part of what South By is about: Finding people, meeting people, connecting with people. In the evenings, as well as the day, deals are planned, meetings arranged and contacts made. That's how it works here.

At Work on the StandSaturday started with a vast array of panel sessions, keynotes and gatherings. As ever, Dana Boyd was a firm favourite, talking about privacy and stirring up her own bit of controversy. The last time I saw her speak was during the Digital Mission to New York, which certainly became a topic of conversation. By noon the exhibition hall was open to visitors, and it's fair to say that people flocked to the Digital Mission stand. It's in a central location, slightly towards the front of the hall, which makes it easy to find, and a great place to meet.

There were always at least a few dozen people around at any given moment, many times it felt more like a flashmob. The tables on the stand giving the opportunity for the Digital Mission companies to demonstrate their wares and show their portfolios. Talking to people this evening, it sounds like there have already been some exciting successes. Not bad for a Saturday!

There is still a chance for those here to come and meet the digital mission companies at the Great British Breakfast on Tuesday morning, so do come along if you are here, and spread the word if you are not!