Chinwag Live: Measuring Social Media pics and podcast

The Chinwag Live 'on tour' session at Internet World provided another chance to dip into the debate that's emerging around measuring social media.

The subject has moved on since the first Chinwag Live session in February with a merry band of social media analysts meeting at regular MeasurementCamp sessions - check out the MeasurementCamp Wiki for more info and some handy reference links.

Here's the podcast from the session, listen out for some agency-related questions on justifying client expenditure for social media metrics and lots more, in three flavours:

For handy bite-sized notes on the session, there's also David Jenning's blog post.

And of course, there's the pictorial evidence. And yes, it was a good deal hotter and sweatier in there than it looks in the pics.


Thanks to our sponsors Huddle and Nedstat for their generous support in running this Chinwag Live session.