Everyone's Talking Facebook - Sam on Radio 5 & Radio 1

Ever since Facebook announced that they're opening up basic profile information to non-Facebookers including the all-pervasive search engines, the media has been clamouring to cover the story.

Sam (Chinwag's MD) has been out and about ruminating on the subject on Simon Mayo's BBC Radio 5 show and The Sunday Surgery on BBC Radio 1. All over in a flash, but interesting to see the different takes on the subject: Radio 5 - why are Facebook taking this move? What's in it for them? Radio 1 - privacy and online protection.

If you're getting tired of the Facebook furore, you'll see from the Alexa graph below (usual whopping margin of error allowing), why everyone's talking about it...

Facebook.com vs Myspace.com - Alexa Graph - Sep 2007: undefinedFacebook.com vs Myspace.com - Alexa Graph - Sep 2007: undefined

Expect to hear lots more about this over the coming months. When he gets the chance, he'll write up my notes properly on his new Chinwag blog - http://www.chinwag.com/blogs/sam-michel.