Friday (19th) is Webbys Deadline

150px-Webby_Awards.svg.png matt-biddulph-dopplr-webbys.gifThe Webby Awards, think of the Oscars for all things digital hit London last Monday Tuesday (thanks Jonathan for pointing that out, must've been more inebriated than I thought) with an event to highlight the imminent deadline for submissions for 2009. N.B. The deadline is this Fri, 19th December.

An eclectic mix of speakers were invited to participate in a format called, "Figures of Speech", a strictly timed 5-minute spiel on one thing that they found great about the Internet.

Interesting format that saw a treatise on why cats are the funniest things on the Internet, how is the best ecommerce website in the world, a manifesto for art on the web and the economics of why Ordnance Survey map data would make more money if it were free. Maybe you had to be there for the full effect. The videos will be available soon, thankfully, as there's no way to do them justic otherwise.

Brits have traditionally done well at the Webbys with the likes ofZopa (Best Financial Services), (Best Services), and Transport for London (Best Government) picking up gongs in 2008. Judges include Jamie Oliver, Richard Branson, Gorillaz, Skype co-founders Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis, founder Richard Moross, and Last.fms Martin Stiksel.

Reckon you've got something to impress them? Why not enter, there's heaps of categories. Get your skates on though, there's only a couple of days until the deadline.

As you'll have hopefully taken away from the night, we want to make sure that UK internet people know that the deadline for Webby Awards submission is 19th December - that's next week!

In the meantime, here's a video shown by Sam Ball from Lean Mean Fighting Machine who recommended agencies focus on things that stay constant rather than getting wrapped up in the latest webological gizmos. Right, I'm just off to tweet this blog post...