Thinking Digital - the Cannes for ideas and insights

On May 21st Thinking Digital is coming to Newcastle and we here at Chinwag will be jumping on the train and heading “up nawf” to see what this anti-conference is made of and, of course, fitting in some opportune mingling, (and a few beers).

Thinking Digital, May 21-23, Newcastle The two day event brings together an ecclectic mix of technology-based subjects that effect the way we live, work and play. From social media whizzes to cutting edge genetecists speaking you’ll sure to come away with a completely different perspective.

Tara Hunt is a social media pioneer who looks at how businesses can adapt to social media. Tara is co-founder of Citizen Agency, an internet consultancy firm that applies community centered strategies to product research, design, development and marketing.

Steve Clayton, CTO of Microsoft’s UK Partner Group is working with technology that could change the way we interact with the digital world. His last project was a software/hardware combo that lets the user/users manipulate digital content with hand gestures and body movements. To find out more info about Steve and his work pay a visit to his blog, Geek in Disguise.

Aubrey de GreyFor more controversial figures look no further than Dan Lyons, senior editor of Forbes Inc and the man behind internet sensation, The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs. With his usual sartirical wit he’ll be debating how the tech industry has changed how we live our lives on every level.

Could 80 be the new 18? According to pioneering biogenerentologist, Aubrey de Grey, it could just be. De Grey will be speaking about his pioneering research which goes against our most fundamental beliefs about ageing.

With some of the world’s brightest strategists and alternative thinkers this event is definately one to mark in the diary.

The full programme is available at:

[Plus if you quote 'CWAG' when you book you can get your ticket for the reduced price of £450 - that's a 25% discount, Bonus!]