The Guardian buys Madeleine McCann

Newspapers competing for audiences are not dissimilar to kids in a sandpit as they jostle for that top search engine ranking. The seach engine is king these days and online content is often written for SEO bots instead of human eyes. In fact this boring headline is written for Google.

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Flash joins the search party as Adobe embraces SEO

is creating programs that will make their applications search engine optimised and they’re providing their optimised Adobe Flash Player technology to Google and Yahoo to enhance search engine indexing of the Flash file format (SWF).

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Mobile content business enters the Dragons Den

For those Dragon's Den fans out there, tune into BBC2 at 9pm this Monday 25th August (or later on iPlayer) to see Romi Parmar of the 3G Dating Agency – and a member of Chinwag’s uk-wirelessmarketing email discussion list - pitch his business to the panel of investors.

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Your turn to shine: Channel 4 leads cross-discipline talent search

4Talent are scouring the country for the UK’s most innovative and ground-breaking talent for the 4Talent Awards 2008.

Those entering will be judged by industry insiders who, if you’ve got what it takes, could be your commissioning editors of the future.

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Black Hat marketing: the dark side of search

What are you - white hat or black hat? Grey hat perhaps? Or do you just like to dabble but aren’t that fussed either way..?

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Facebook reckoning part 3: horizontal versus vertical

What’s better for advertisers - a blanket social network campaign with a high click-through rate or targeting your campaign to a niche, vertical social network?

Vertical networks are usually organised around a specific interest or theme. They’re usually either fan sites, are age/interest specific or for professional purposes.

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Facebook reckoning Part 2: the revenue race

Facebook are stuck between a rock and a hard place. After you’ve faffed about with the applications, added your photos and replied to those friend requests how do you keep the users hooked?

For the networks, it’s a tricky balancing act to achieve, you’ve gotta keep the cash rolling in and keep the user happy at the same time.

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Facebook reckoning Part 1: global expansion route

In the UK it’s more common today to have a Facebook application than it is to have a dog. But it’s into the global arena that its expansion plans have now moved.

With 65 billion page views per month, on average people spend 20 minutes a day on the site, plus it’s the number one photo-sharing site on the web.

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Protein’s urban kaleidoscope of science, art, technology

The Protein Forum event last night, in uber trendy Shoreditch was not your usual pretentious Hoxton affair. Below 54, the venue for the evening, was very 70s kitch – lots of pod chairs and shiny, shiny surfaces. Hell, at the end everyone was dancing like they’d been friends for years.

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The British predilection for Twitter

A survey into social networks released in the last week by, the online marketing trends and research outfit, found marked differences between how social networks are used here and in the US. Most surprising of all is the accelerated growth of Twitter over the last year and its predicted growth for the coming year.

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