Who's coming to Micro Media Maze?

Good and bad news, depending on where you stand - our last debate until the autumn, Chinwag Live: Micro Media Maze this coming Tuesday evening 20th May, is nearly sold out.

If you want to be in on the debate, we'd strongly advise you book now.

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Chinwag Live: Measuring Social Media pics and podcast

The Chinwag Live 'on tour' session at Internet World provided another chance to dip into the debate that's emerging around measuring social media.

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Piecing together the micro media puzzle

Mobisodes, music widgets, news via RSS. It seems companies are clambouring over each other to turn once new online services into the latest micro equivalent. What can we expect from all these rapid developments and what’s the next thing to turn “micro”?

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Thinking Digital - the Cannes for ideas and insights

On May 21st Thinking Digital is coming to Newcastle and we here at Chinwag will be jumping on the train and heading “up nawf” to see what this anti-conference is made of and, of course, fitting in some opportune mingling, (and a few beers).

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Real World Usability podcast

Chinwag LiveThe best part of Chinwag Live is when the audience starts asking the difficult questions and there were plenty from the audience at last week's event, Real World Usability.

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Internet World comes to town

What's for you won't go by you, as my granny used to say and so here it is, Internet World has rolled around again.

On the 29th of April, Internet World comes to London’s Earls Court and Chinwag will be there hosting the Measuring Social Media panel debate on Wednesday the 30th, at 3.30pm in the Web 2.0 Experience Theatre.

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Pics & podcast from Chinwag Live in Manchester

Exhausted, but exhilirated the Chinwag gang wended their weary way back from Chinwag Live: User Centered Advertising in Manchester last week.

The event was organised with the help of Manchester Digital - thanks, Shaun & Co - who helped fill up the CUBE gallery with over 60 of Manchester's digerati.

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Digital companies left squinting into the sun?

The Sector Skills Council for creative Media are to launch their most comprehensive survey of the digital skills sector in 3 years and they’re looking for your input.

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A storm’s approaching but can we keep the usability boat afloat?

Companies these days accept the need to improve the usability of their websites, intranets and software designs.

At our next event, Real World Usability on April 22nd, the panel will be getting to grips with the burning issues facing usability. In light of an approaching financial down turn can usability find a way to weather the current economic storm?

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