Manchester calling as Chinwag hits the digital north

The internet was meant to be the thing that liberated us from place. Anyone could design a website or run a company from their bedroom or a remote eerie. All you needed was a computer and an ISDN connection, right?

But some habits die hard. Basing your web business in London seems to be one of those things. Despite this, there's a thriving scene around Britain, and we're keen to give as many people and places as possible access to our services.

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Industry confidence, shaken and stirred?

Too early to say? Despite the doom and gloom being espoused by the traditional media, there's few signs (yet, thankfully) of the digital sector catching the jitters. From informal chats, it appears that watch and wait is the order of the day.

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Measuring Social Media follow-up

Chinwag Live sessions are designed to get a conversation going between the panel and the audience. As you'd expect, some subjects generate more chat than others. And some grow a life of their own.

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Phorm CEO joins Manchester panel

We're delighted to confirm that Phorm's CEO, Hugo Drayton (he of Electronic Telegraph fame) is joining the panel when Chinwag Live hits Manchester.

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Tomorrow's Ad Formats sold out

Sorry to all those who missed out on tickets for Chinwag Live next week, Tomorrow's Ad Formats, the event sold out in record time. Frown

The good news is that we'll be running another event on the same topic in Manchester on Tuesday 15th April, in partnership with the crew at Manchester Digital.

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PR and publishing voices at Tomorrow's Ad Formats

Our next panel, Chinwag Live: Tomorrow's Ad Formats on Tuesday 18th March is shaping up to be an interesting evening...

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Measuring Social Media podcast released

Yup, the podcast version of Chinwag Live: Measuring Social Media is now available for download. It's been processed, buffed and chopped into three bite-sized pieces, then released into the wilds of the Internet.

There's 3 easy-to-use methods for getting hold of the audio:

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Next Chinwag Live announced, Tomorrow's Ad Formats

Blank Billboard For our next Chinwag Live event, the spotlight will be sharply focused on the future of advertising.

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