Building Apps for Japan - #Webinar with Haru Takahashi, Ex-Eidos Japan

Japanese Smartphone Market

The biggest spenders on mobile content? According to recent reports, Japan leads the world in paying for mobile content. Spend in Japan and Korea has grown 40% since 2012.

Monument Valley from London-based ustwo has been a huge hit, reaching number 10 in Japan's April 2014 download charts. There's clearly an appetite for British content amongst Japanese mobile consumers.

UPDATE: The recording of the webinar is now live [free registration required].

Mobile Content Webinar

Find out more about the Japanese mobile content market from Haru Takahashi, former Marketing & Sales Director of Eidos Japan in a free webinar on 24 July hosted by UKTI Japan.

Registration is free - you will need to register on the website before being able to register for the webiner, sorry.

The Speaker

Haru TakahashiHaru Takahashi, Vice President of Interarrows and the former Marketing & Sales Director of Eidos Japan, will give you infomation about the recent changes and trends of the Japanese mobile content market and provide you with insight into what content is being sought.

After working at Tokyu Agency, Haru Takahashi joined Dow Chemical as a Brand Manager. Following this, he worked as Marketing Director at Jupiter Programming and Livedoor (free ISP). Prior to joining Interarrows he was the Marketing & Sales Director at Eidos, the largest videogame company in the UK. At Interarrows, he is responsible for the management of gaming and other digital entertainment content worldwide.

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