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Chinwag Psych May 9, is a conference and online publication covering psychology, neuroscience and machine learning for business and marketing. 

Jamillah brought together the best of the reading material the internet has to offer for the week.

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Baidu’s Machine Learning Lab

The Chinese search company Baidu - often referred to as ‘China’s Google’ is opening a machine learning research lab not far from Apple in Cupertino. The lab will be known as the Institute of Deep Learning and Baidu hopes that it will mean the company will provide some stiff competition as Google Street View and Apple’s Siri are already using similar technologies commercially.

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The Joy of Work

What makes a happy workplace? Chartered Psychologist and author of Positive Psychology at work”, Sarah Lewis has a list of nine things that might help or are a good starting point for discussion.

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Behavioural Psychology for Regulators

The Financial Conduct Authority has published a paper exploring how people make financial decisions. As a regulator the FCA hopes that the study of behaviour will help it to understand consumers, where they might make mistakes and if it should make an intervention.

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Good Things Come in Small Packages?

The influence of packaging and food consumption is explored in an article on the Wall Street Journal site. An interesting read about packaging in general and what can make a consumer eat more - or less.

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Crowd Psychology: Boston

The headlines have been filled with the tragic events around the Boston Marathon this week. Scientific American asks what will come next for large crowd events and will they be influenced by the explosions in Boston? An interesting look at trauma and resilience.

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