The Key to Freshers Marketing: Fashion and Free Pizza

Freshers Fair

A new report from The Beans Group reveals how to engage and influence a major slice of the youth market: freshers.

It's launched at the annual Youth Marketing Strategy conference in April.

When asked what brands students would most like to see at their freshers fair, four of the top 10 mentions were fashion related - including Topshop, H&M and New Look- alongside student favourites Nando’s and Domino’s.

Beans Group founder James Eder said, “Students clearly want to arrive at university with a new set of clothes. Making an impression on arrival is important. With students adopting a ‘back to school’ mentality, things like upgrading their wardrobe and getting a haircut are high on the priority list.”

Domino’s has a ubiquitous and influential presence - when asked why, it was almost entirely because students received a free slice of pizza. More than one in five - 22% - rated that as the most desirable freshers fair freebie, whilst 71% say a good offer is what makes brands memorable at this time of year.

Tom Worman, Marketing Manager at the University of Portsmouth Students’ Union adds “There are three clear winners at freshers: Domino’s (who gain endless queues by giving away over 10,000 slices of pizza per day); Nando’s (who bring a different game each year offering the chance to win free meal vouchers and free chicken); and then ASDA, who partnered with Unilever to give away free washing-up liquid. It’s all about the giveaways!”

The significance of freshers fair activity is demonstrated by 47% of students who say it’s the place they remember seeing the best advertising. Social media (19%) and online (11%) were also cited.

The full report will be launched at Youth Marketing Strategy on 16th April 2013 and will be available to purchase following the event. The report looks into a typical week in the life of fresher, freshers' spending and decision making, the effectiveness of media platforms and discovering which brands have made an impact.

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Photo (cc) Nottingham Trent University.