SMW Global Theme - Open & Connected: Principles For A Collaborative World

Everything Is Connected

There is an innate feeling in all of us to achieve progress, to advance, to solve problems. Emerging technologies have changed how we communicate and engage with the world.

We can now share our passions openly and across cultural and geographic boundaries.

One voice can ripple to millions.

Change is happening everywhere. Startups are disrupting entire industries and scaling their businesses globally. Tyranny, injustice and unethical behavior are being exposed. Groups are self-organizing to take positive action. Transparency, accountability, information sharing and collaboration are accelerating progress to levels never before seen.

In 2013, Social Media Week intends to mark its fifth year with a unifying global theme that will explore openness in a connected and collaborative world.

Open & Connected will serve as a framework for thousands of individuals and organizations to inspire and develop original ideas as part of Social Media Week events over the next 12 months. Within Open & Connected there are 7 underlying principles:



An attitude of ready accessibility, freedom and frictionless access.


A spirit of openness and to avoid creating wall gardens, ensuring frictionless and open participation for all.


A philosophy of accountability, operating in such a way that it is easy for others to see what actions are performed.


Systems, tools, frameworks and methodologies for working together to realize shared goals.


An environment inviting communities to become part of the creation process and where rewards are shared with those who help the organization make more successful decisions.

Networked Power

The potential of a network can be unlocked by dismantling hierarchical structures and by embracing new forms of distributed innovation.


Iterative and incremental development solutions which evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams.

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Photo (cc) Linda Nylind.