Understanding Social Business, Social Data and Social CRM

Social CRM

Understanding Social Business, Social Data and Social CRM

The true value of social media, say the wise, lies in business, data and CRM.

Those elements, along with customer service and engagement marketing, will be discussed in detail next week, on July 8-9 in London, at Social CRM 2013.

Hosted by Our Social Times, highlights of the two-day event include:

Social Business

Social business means more than being on Facebook and Twitter and operating an internal social network. Here's the question: do you help all the individuals associated with your organisation to build richer, more productive relationships with each other, coalescing by need and desire, knowledge and capability, shared values and shared value, or don't you? In this session, Philip discusses aspects of organisational design, business performance management, marketing, public relations, branding and the imminent empowerment of the individuals that make up organisations.

Hear more about this from Philip Sheldrake in his keynote talk "Social Business, So Much More Than Social Media."

Social Data

The plethora of social platforms curating data are creating siloed views of customer conversations requiring a new approach to engaging with customers and communities. Combine this with a series of trends relating to the development of the social web and you could be forgiven for believing the future of engagement is in the hands of the data scientists. There are trends that are emerging across many verticals which will influence the way organisations operate and change the way we use all data, not just social data.

Jacqui Taylor (MD, FlyingBinary) will explain in her session why you don’t need to be a data “expert” to exploit this new opportunity.

Social CRM

Social CRM can be seen as a dry term, but it encompasses all of the strategic, technical, practical and cultural implications in social media, and the keys to unlock innovation. The secret is to move beyond engagement. Social CRM allows you to build sustainable and genuine relationships with your customers, using social business models and by making the most of social data.

Hear eBay, Sony and EE talk about how they’ve used Social CRM to build a long-term social strategy.

Social CRM 2013 is happening on the 8/9 July in London, a limited number of tickets are available, see the full programme and register here.