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What Are Your Favourite Tech Events? Help Build The Ultimate List for 2015.

Your Top Tech Events

What are your favourite tech events? Or business events in general? Are you a Web Summit fan? Do you hanker for SXSW and the delights of Austin? Or an altogether more chilly visit to Slush in Helsinki?

In between the Christmas festivities we're putting together a list, we hope something of an ultimate list, of tech and innovation events. And we'd love your help.

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Best of Both Worlds: Escape to the Country and a Digital Career?

Quality Cottages - Pembrokeshire Beach

As the Summer holidays draw to a close and mind turn to work, many people entertain the idea of working in some of the fabulous places they’ve visited on their travels.

Can you have it all? A beautiful landscape, a rural idyll and a cutting edge role in digital marketing?

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Building Apps for Japan - #Webinar with Haru Takahashi, Ex-Eidos Japan

Japanese Smartphone Market

The biggest spenders on mobile content? According to recent reports, Japan leads the world in paying for mobile content. Spend in Japan and Korea has grown 40% since 2012.

Monument Valley from London-based ustwo has been a huge hit, reaching number 10 in Japan's April 2014 download charts. There's clearly an appetite for British content amongst Japanese mobile consumers.

UPDATE: The recording of the webinar is now live [free registration required].

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Scale Your Startup in Asia with Hong Kong's StartmeupHK Competition

Hong Kong by Barbara Willi

Is your startup targeting the Asian market? The 2014 StartmeupHK Venture Programme offers a US$500,000 package of support for the 12 competition winners looking to setup in Hong Kong, recently cited as number one for startups by Forbes.

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Digital Health and Space Sessions Feature at Commonwealth Games British Business House

City Chambers by Stewart Priest

Alongside the sporting elite headed to Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games, UK Trade & Investment are launching a series of high-profile international business sessions including Digital Health and Space/Satellite Applications.

The sessions taking place at the City Chambers, which for 23-25th July will be transformed into the British Business House. Other sessions include agri-tech, global sport, energy, rail, transport, security, and opportunities in the growth of African cities as well as showcases of British expertise.

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Game, Set, Tweet - How Wimbledon Became A Digital Superstar [interview]

Centre Court by Nikki Tysoe

Wimbledon has a reputation for embracing technology and using its troves of data to engage their online audience, during tennis' highest-profile fornight. Dan McLaren, founder of UK Sports Network interviewed Alexandra Willis, Content and Communications Manager at the All England Lawn Tennis Club to find out more.

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Drinks Giant Pernod-Ricard Announces Hackathon with £10,000 Prize and We Have Free Tickets For You

Pernod Ricard – Journey To The Glenlivet by Flourish Creative

A weekend focused on drinks and code, with a £10,000 prize up for grabs? This weekend, the team at The Bakery London are hosting a hackathon with drinks giant Pernod-Ricard.

Fancy a weekend developing a startup in the drinks industry, Chinwag has free tickets for the event, but don't hang about, sign up now.

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One-to-One Personalisation Will Boost Conversion

The quality of data available to digital marketers is a concern. The goal is a Single Customer View (SCV) but, as the Digital Marketing Insights Report 2014 highlights, a lack of accurate data could have major implications for analytics and personalisation.
Today's digital marketer must understand, identify and adapt to opportunities in a world which generates data on an unprecedented scale. However, with the level of sophisticated analytical technology available, they are better placed to deliver a level of individual personalisation than ever before. 
Having the correct analytical tools in place, in combination with the right data, will enable them to develop a greater understanding of big data and provide a stable platform from which to create personalised customer campaigns. 
Email continues to be the prevalent method of personalisation with 92% of the survey's respondents claiming to use it. Email marketing tools have been around for decades so that's no surprise, but it's more remarkable that 33% reported they undertake no website personalisation efforts. 
This is not because digital marketers don’t recognise the importance of it – 51% responded that personalisation is currently either very important or critical to their digital marketing efforts – so what is the problem? 
The answer: access to real-time data to drive that personalisation. The report showed that at present, half of marketers do not have access to real-time data. Encouragingly, by 2016 a huge 78% reported that they will have implemented a solution that utilises real-time data in one of three forms: website specific personalisation (21%), individual level interaction data (26%) and multichannel real-time decision technology (31%). 
Brands recognise the need to behave in a truly integrated, omni-channel way. Digital marketers must understand how customers interact with their brands in real-time across multiple channels and devices. Investment in the right data and analytical tools to extract actionable insight from detailed customer data will ensure they treat “always on” customers in a coherent multi-channel way.  
In practice, a call centre could offer a customer credit for a high value item they have browsed online. It also enables the company to avoid customer experience mistakes - such as offering a cheap insurance quote via email when the customer has just purchased via the website. When dealing in industries which have complex sales processes or registration processes, real-time synergy between the online and offline environments allows brand representatives to provide a customer service based on individual preferences, actions and online behaviour. This can lead to increased trust, an improved experience and/or increased sales conversions.
When asked to look forward to 2016, an impressive 80% believe that personalisation will be key to their digital marketing success. To achieve it, investment is planned in both the analytical expertise and technology. 
Modern omni-channel consumers expect to have relevant and personalised interactions with a brand. The survey demonstrates that more digital marketers are preparing to do just that.

The quality of data available to digital marketers is a concern.

The goal is a Single Customer View (SCV) but, as the Digital Marketing Insights Report 2014 highlights, a lack of accurate data could have major implications for analytics and personalisation.

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Confirmed Companies Joining Us On Digital Mission China

The digital mission to China and the Shenzhen Maker Faire is approaching ever closer, but fear not, there is still time to apply if you’re a maker, creative technologist or entrepreneur and want to come along and partake in our specially tailored week-long programme.  

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Thinking Digital Returns 20th-22nd May 2014

Thinking Digital will be at the Sage Gateshead Music Centre from the 20th-22nd May for the 7th year running and looking at the speaker line up, it is sure to be an event you don’t want to miss. 

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5 Steps To Email Liberation – Carl Rodrigues

Email is not the problem. How you manage it is what’s important.

Here’s 5 steps to email liberation from productivity coach Carl Rodrigues :

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Dispatches From Social Media Week New York - Part Two

Part two of Angela Everitt's blog on her Digital Mission experience at Social Media Week New York. 

Buzzwords from Buzzfeed

Learnings from Jonah Peretti, CEO and founder of Buzzfeed

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Dispatches From Social Media Week New York - Part One

Angela Everitt from Southerly was one of the delegates who joined us on February's Digital Mission stateside. Below you'll find part one of her two part blog on her findings and experiences. 

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Content Strategy In Three Simple Acronyms

A brilliant blog from the brilliant Mike Teasdale from Harvest Digital on some of the most important issues marketers are facing when trying to get content right - and identifies some common pitfalls.

Content strategy is one of the most interesting and rewarding areas of digital marketing. From a channel perspective it sits across customer experience, social media and organic search.

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Funding Competition for SME's from Technology Strategy Board

Are you a small enterprise looking for some help with funding?

The lovely folks at the Technology Strategy Board are launching a brand new competition for feasibility studies with up to two million pounds available for small micro companies. To see if you’re company fits the criteria, visit here

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