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Slow or Smartphone? The Stats Behind Streaming


Despite huge growth in viewing video on mobile and tablets, many communications professionals are still slow on the uptake of streaming content to mobile as part of their communications plans.

At least that’s what we discovered at markettiers4dc with the results of our 2013 streaming survey. We found that 31% of respondents don’t expect to stream live video content via a mobile device this year. That’s in a market where smartphones now account for four in every five devices sold.

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Announcing Gender 50/50: Striving for Balance Among SMW's Global Community

SMW 50/50

Toby Daniels, Founder of Social Media Week introduces Gender 50/50 and his company's commitment to striving to keep the balance.

In the words of Sheryl Sandberg:

“Women are held back by many things: bias, lack of opportunity and lack of flexibility. We also hold ourselves back. We don’t sit at the table; we don’t raise our hands; we don’t raise our voice. I believe our world would be a better place if half our companies and half our countries were run by women.”    

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Win a Ticket to Search Marketing Expo (15-16 May '13)


SMX London (15-16 May) is the only search marketing conference designed exclusively for experienced internet marketers.

SMX is a 2 day event where the sessions are fast-paced, Q&A-packed, frequently controversial, always informative.

We have one ticket up for grabs for one of you lucky chinwaggers, the two day full conference pass is worth £890+VAT.

The competition closes May 5. Enter here.

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Behind You! Design Drives Online Sales

chinwag psych 9th may header

Chinwag Psych's very own Nathalie Nahai has given us a taster of what she'll be talking about at the conference. Have a read about the importance of a website's design and how it can influence what customers buy.

The background image and colour of your site can prime consumers, claims new research.

With a boom in commercial websites and the range of products on offer, how do we decide what to buy?

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Chinwag Psych - Lets Get Reading.

chinwag psych 9th may header


Chinwag Psych May 9, is a conference and online publication covering psychology, neuroscience and machine learning for business and marketing. 

Jamillah brought together the best of the reading material the internet has to offer for the week.

To grab a ticket for the event there are some great deals available, simply click here, to find out more. 

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Neuro, Psych and Machine Learning - a Quick and Dirty Primer

chinwag psych 9th may header

Reading the Dictionary

The Chinwag Psych event is coming up on May 9th and there’s a whole host of interesting presentations lined up with people who are going to speak their mind about your brain and business.

The outline for the event is of course Psychology, Neuroscience and Machine Learning. But what exactly do we mean when we throw these words out and what would the connection be to business? I think the real question you might ask is - why is this relevant to me?

Here’s a quick and dirty guide to get you thinking.

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Win a Ticket to Big Data Week London – Putting Data to Work 25th April 2013

Big Data Week

Putting Data to Work is a day long conference bringing some of smartest people from across the Big Data domain to Imperial College London and Big Data Week are offering 2 lucky Chinwag readers a chance to win a free ticket to the April 25th event.

The competition closes on April 22nd, so act quick! See below for entry details.

Big Data Week have also given us a discount code for Chinwag readers of 10% off.

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Chinwag Psych Reading Material Round-Up

chinwag psych 9th may header


Chinwag Psych May 9, is a conference and online publication covering psychology, neuroscience and machine learning for business and marketing. 

To give you a run down of the most interesting articles on the internet this week Jamillah has curated a list for your reading pleasure.  

To grab a ticket for the event there are some great deals available, simply click here, to find out more.

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Old Dogs, New Tricks: Social Media Results

Social Media Results

The Social Media Results Conference - on May 15th 2013 - offers proven strategies to win.

 Keep up with the smart players and see how 20 top brands are achieving real, measurable results from targeted social media marketing.

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Building Online Communities: 4 Key Elements

chinwag psych 9th may header

Head of the Class

Richard Millington writes about the elements that are crucial in building online communities. He maintains that if you can identify and isolate the elements in successful communities, you can apply them to develop others successfully.

Implementing the following factors will enable the strength of the online community to rapidly improve.

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Infographic or Visual CV as a Job Application [Infographic]

Future Gov: Head of Comms

When applying for the role of Head of Comms at FutureGov, I knew that the job posting would attract a lot of interest and high quality applications. Indeed, there ended up being several dozen people applying for the job.

I needed to make my application stand out.

Yes, I made sure to have a top notch CV, Covering Letter and References. But I wanted a little something extra to put my application on top of the pile.

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SMW Global Theme - Open & Connected: Principles For A Collaborative World

Everything Is Connected

There is an innate feeling in all of us to achieve progress, to advance, to solve problems. Emerging technologies have changed how we communicate and engage with the world.

We can now share our passions openly and across cultural and geographic boundaries.

One voice can ripple to millions.

Change is happening everywhere. Startups are disrupting entire industries and scaling their businesses globally. Tyranny, injustice and unethical behavior are being exposed. Groups are self-organizing to take positive action. Transparency, accountability, information sharing and collaboration are accelerating progress to levels never before seen.

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The Key to Freshers Marketing: Fashion and Free Pizza

Freshers Fair

A new report from The Beans Group reveals how to engage and influence a major slice of the youth market: freshers.

It's launched at the annual Youth Marketing Strategy conference in April.

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Neuromarketing? Ask Me What You Want to Know. Part 2: fMRI

chinwag psych 9th may header

Dr. David Stillwell is Science Director at Cambridge Personality Research, and will be speaking at Chinwag Psych on May 9th. Concluding his discussion on Neuromarketing, which began with an analysis of EEG, he looks at the alternative...

Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) uses huge, million-dollar magnetic scanners to see your brain without having to cut it open.

Resolution is relatively high – down to the millimetre range. It can also view deep brain regions as easily as areas on the surface. But it’s not without limitations.

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Higher Chance of Surviving a Plane Crash Than Clicking a Banner Ad

Plane Crash

Banner adverts are an ineffective way to drive traffic or boost online PR for a brand, it is reported by digital marketing agency TAN Media.

The banner ad is so unappealing that it “has become a symbol of all that’s wrong with online advertising”, according to Brian Morrissey in a post for

Typically it is said to be lacking in creativity, intrusive and ignored by the overwhelming majority of web users.

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