Are search and location based services going places?

Location and geolocation technologies might sound boring to the novice, but they're fuelling a raft of bold new web and mobile services with a social and locative flavour that are setting media and technology trendwatchers alight with excitement.

Plazes co-founder Felix PetersenBut as these new technologies reach fruition, and start to come into play, what will their impact be? In turn, is the value chain in place for consumers and business to really make the most of these offerings, when for many the cost of mobile web services is prohibitively expensive?

You can explore the issues and probe some of the leading players in the space on Tuesday 7th October as the evening panel event that bridges our search and mobile seasons this autumn at Chinwag touches down in London's Soho...

Rummble's Andrew ScottAs always, the evening will be accompanied by some complimentary drinks and snacks for those who arrive early, and we have the space booked for afterwards too if you want to stay and mingle.

So, who in particluar will be sharing their insight and subjecting themselves to the poking, prodding and other inquistion-like tactics beloved of the typical Chinwag audience? Joking aside, I'd describe our audiences as knowledegable but really quite fluffy... honest guv! ;-)

Chinwag Live: Search & LBS speakers

Chris Moisan - Product & Market Development Manager, Taptu / blog
Felix Petersen - Co-founder, Plazes (now Head of Product Management, Social Activities, Nokia since acquisition in June 2008)
Andrew Scott - Co-founder, Rummble
Peggy-Anne Salz - Chief Analyst & Producer, MSearchGroove
CHAIR: Jo Rabin – Consultant & Co-Founder of MoMo London

With mobile location based services it's always great to see them in action, and it's hard to get a grip on their potential without some demo or visualization. We won't have presentations or demos at our event, so here's a few videos about these services to get you warmed up...

1. Taptu demo video - Beastie boys
2. Taptu Mobile Search demo
3. Plazes for iPhone
4. Rummble NMK Teaser 2007 - network your experiences mobile
5. Peggy-Anne Salz interviewed at Mobile Internet World Boston 2008

If you know of any other demos online of the any of the above services, drop us a line and link to them in the comments.

And in case you think it's just going to be an uncritical love-in for location based search and services, I recommend you read this post by technokitten aka Helen Keegan. Her point that the focus on location often negelcts context is worth discussing further.

See you on Tuesday October 7th! You can can book tickets here now: