Search and location up a tree. K.I.S.S.I.N.G.

Every year it's the same moldy old format recycled round the media hype circuit. It's the year of the mobile web, of mashups. It's the end of print media, the death of the gatekeeper. Revolutions are ushering themselves in left, right and centre, and whoosh! Life as we know it will be forever unutterably changed... yeah!

Or not. That's not to say a lot of very interesting stuff isn't going on, stuff that will change some long-held habits and behaviours, and holds a lot of potential for business, public services and other initiatives. Stuff that we at Chinwag are dedicated to keeping a beady eye on :-)

One such area that's moving centre-stage is location based services - along with its close cousin mobile (social) search.

So after a quick ponder a couple of months back, we decided to put these kissing cousins together under some public collective scrutiny and see what they're really getting up to - on Tuesday 7th October at Chinwag Live: Search & LBS in Soho to be precise...

Adrian Drury - The CloudAdrian Drury - The Cloud We previously announced that Plazes co-founder and current product dude at Social Activities, Nokia - aka Felix Petersen - is speaking on our panel, along with Rummble CEO Andrew Scott.

Since then, the line-up has been completed, with Chris Moisan from Taptu, and mobile consultant Jo Rabin (also on the Mobile Monday London organisers' team) chairing.

The major cost-to-consumer issues around the mobile web are clearly one of the main stumbling-blocks LBS enterprises are facing. So we're pleased to announce that Adrian Drury from The Cloud will be bringing the wireless broadband perspective to the table. His background as an economist also means you can probe him on the business issues around wifi and location based content.

Peggy Anne Salz - MsearchgroovePeggy Anne Salz - MsearchgrooveAnd it just gets better... Peggy Anne Salz the editor of one of the most respected publications in this area - Msearchgroove - will be sharing her views on the key components of this emerging space: mobile search, personalisation, recommendation, targeted mobile advertising, and social networking.

So while the hype cycle gets short shrift round these parts, I'm not contradicting myself when I say I'm really very excited about this event. Of course it's the discussion and debate among the entire gathering that make Chinwag events special. So I hope you'll come along.

You can get more details and BOOK HERE.