The Internet: What a Difference a Decade Makes

Internet Speed

Do you ever find yourself missing the dulcet tones of dial up? 

Lamenting those lost 20 minutes spent rapping your fingers on the desk, waiting for a picture of Jennifer Aniston to load, just so you can show your hairdresser the "Rachel"?

Of course not. Isn't it amazing though just how much the internet has changed in the last ten years?

Back in 2002 there was just 569 million internet users tapping away for a mere 46 minutes a day. Ten years later and there are 2.27 billion, that is 300% more of you, out there surfing the web for 4 hours a day. (It probably helps that we don't still pay per minute.)

The number one internet search of 2002 was Spiderman, in 2012 it was Rachel Rebecca Black. So well done everyone, that tone-deaf young lady couldn't have made that happen on her own. I hope you're proud.

In 2002 Blockbuster missed the chance to snap up Netflix. Current vaulation? $5.5bn.

The decade's bell is tolling final orders for music retail on the High Street with Tower Records' 200 stores hitting the dead pool. Virgin Megastore proving not-so mega and the chances of hmv making the next infographic? Slimmer than slim.

10 Years if the Internet