Two Heads Are Better Than One

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Two heads are better than one, or so the saying goes.

Chinwag Psych is hosting a conference on May 9th exposing the secrets of neuromarketing, big data and machine learning, leaving science fiction to the silver screen.

Nathalie Nahai - The Web Psychologist is speaking at Chinwag Psych she is also hosting a masterclass on April 17 with Jo James bringing you their expertise to optimise sales through your website.

We have partnered with Nathalie to offer all you Chinwaggers a special ticket for both events for just £499. Get them while they are hot.

About the Events

Webs of Influence - Masterclass: How to sell more online

  • Date: Wednesday, 17th April 2013
  • Time: 9.30am – 4.30pm
  • Venue: 180 Piccadilly, London
  • (Stand alone price: £699)

Meet the Experts

Nathalie Nahai

Nathalie NahaiNathalie is an award-winning speaker, Web Psychologist, and author of ‘Webs of Influence: The Psychology of Online Persuasion’ (Pearson).

With a background in psychology, web design and digital strategy, Nathalie is one of the few leading voices in this field to have both academic and hands-on experience in engineering ‘online persuasion’.

Nathalie helps businesses to ‘psychologically optimise for better engagement online‘ and has worked with clients from SME’s and solo consultants, to the Fortune 500.

Jo James

Jo JamesJo, a successful entrepreneur (who runs Amber Life) giving practical solutions, equipping business owners with the tools to create a six figure business and beyond.

Awarded 2012 All Stars by Constant Contact, Jo implements online sales strategies for her clients businesses and her own business to great success – doubling and tripling online sales results and revenue and regular sign-ups to blogs, RSS feeds and newsletters.

In this workshop she will be sharing the secrets so you can write web pages that sell, how to write your own newsletters and why this is good for your business. And give you other practical lead and revenue generating secrets to help you sell more online.

Why Attend?

  • Signed copy of Nathalie's book, Webs of Influence (Pearson)
  • Free attention optimization analysis with Eyequant (worth £199)
  • Website audit with immediate feedback 
  • Personalized digital toolkit you can use immediately 
  • Psychological insights into your target audience
  • Confidence in writing your own online content
  • A mindmap to help you create your own newsletters
  • A structure to create your own ‘sales pages’ that gets your readers to respond
  • How to craft persuasive copy
  • How to capture demographic information from your leads

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Chinwag Psych

  • Chinwag PsychDate: May 9th
  • Time: 9.30am - 5.30pm
  • Location: TBC London
  • (Early Bird tickets are still available at £199, full price £499)

Chinwag Psych London (May 9) is a full day conference that explores the latest thinking and application of psychology, neuroscience and machine learning with case studies, theory, insight and plenty of practical advice.

As speakers are confirmed we’re building a narrative for the day taking the audience on a journey from theory to practice examining which techniques to use and where, optimisation, prediction, behavioural design and machine learning with plenty of anecdotes and case studies.

Confirmed Speakers

Sample Sessions Include:

A Faster Horse: How Customer Psychology Enables Consumer Trends Prediction

Henry Ford famously said, if he’d asked his customers, they’d have demanded a faster horse rather than his model T. The cars was a success because it fulfilled a new psychological need. Because it was, in effect, a faster horse. This presentation shows how consumer trends are typically driven by changing consumer psychology and more importantly, how recognising those changes helps accurately predict your customers' future needs and behaviours.

Pricing Psychology: Behavioural Economics and New Economic Models

A company's choice of pricing can create a psychological response in its customers, but how can businesses choose the best pricing tactics to create a positive response, maximising customer satisfaction and profits? “Psychology of Price” author, Leigh Caldwell uses a nuanced understanding of psychology to unlock the potential of behavioural economics that can provide new models for business.

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