Ecommerce and Search Engine Marketing in China [Infographic]

E-commerce & Search in China

China recently overtook the USA to become the biggest e-ecommerce market in the world and will be worth an estimated staggering $541 billion by 2015.

For big online brands eager for new markets, that's a prime prospect.

Expansion into China is more and more inviting, with almost half of the country's population (49%) making an online purchase last year.

This figure is set to rise to an unprecedented 71% by 2017. 

The E-commerce market in China is predominantly made up of young affluent men and women, with 60% below the age of thirty. Spending is highest in China’s tier one cities and those earning more than 5,000 Yuan a month are more likely to buy online.

Smartphones and wireless devices dominate the market, with an estimated 464 million of its 591 million internet users choosing to go online via their wireless devices.

With Baidu holding almost two thirds of the market share, Google is far less popular in China and only holds a 2.88% market share, down from 15.7% in 2012. Baidu is a different beast and should not be treated the same as Google – to find out more detail on search behaviours and China's e-commerce market click here to see the full infographic and more detail. 

Ecommerce and Search Engine Marketing in China Infographic

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