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Zero Hour - Send Your Events


The deadline for event submissions and involvement in Social Media Week London 2013, powered globally by Nokia, is looming.

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Social Media Week 2013 - Meet (More) of the Advisory Board

Team Building

Social Media Week London 2013, powered globally by Nokia, is close and Chinwag are bringing their A game.

It’s a team effort and we depend on the depth and diversity of the Advisory Board to achieve great things.

We introduced you to some of them. Here’s the second roll call...

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Gender 50/50: Get With It


Toby Daniels, co-founder and CEO of Crowdcentric, blogged that “We do not have fair representation, and we have not achieved a 50/50 balance in men and women participating in our events."

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The Guardian: Activate London 2013


Chinwag was invited to The Guardian Activate: London 2013, which took place at King’s Place next to the Guardian offices in King’s Cross. Two members of the Chinwag team, Terri and myself, were sitting in the audience soaking up all the information.

It was evident from the beginning of the summit that bringing people together through technology was the theme of day.

The auditorium was packed all day, buzzing with exciting live demos and international speakers (a good old chunk of them were Americans making me a little home sick and realizing I am actually not that loud).

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Social Media Week 2013 - Meet the Chinwaggers


Social Media Week 2013 is produced by Chinwag and powered by Nokia. One of the ways it is able to happen so fluidly is the team that makes up Chinwag.

This year there have been old and new faces added to the team.

Keep reading to learn about each individual team member...

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Social Media Week 2013: Meet the Advisory Board

Team Building Made easy

If history (or comic books) teach us anything is that success needs teamwork. 

Chinwag knows this. With Social Media Week London 2013 powered globally by Nokia, coming up we want to introduce you to the Advisory Board whose support and brains ensure the event succeeds.

Here is the first half of the all-star team...

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