Five Things We Learnt at Facebook Marketing Bootcamp (17th July)

FB Bootcamp

This Tuesday (17th July) we held our second Facebook Marketing Bootcamp at We Are What We Do in London. With Facebook trainer, Tania Jackson of Red Idea on hand, the day-long workshop aims to provide a hands-on and more personalised approach where attendees can learn what they can do to improve their techniques and strategies and how to do it.

We thought we'd share just a few things we learnt from Tuesday's Bootcamp.

  1. Starting from the top - Facebook Cover Image: Change this regularly - it'll show up in your fans newsfeeds, can be used as a showcase and indicate something's going on (e.g. new products, news, events etc). Think creatively and use this to your advantage - but remember it can't include arrows to like your page, calls to action, promotions etc.
  2. Facebook Tabs: Facebook pages don't show all tabs on your page. Regularly switch around which tabs are featured on your homepage to make sure your fans are aware there are others.
  3. Who's your target?: You can use insights to see who's using your page - make sure you target your approach & content to your users.
  4. Facebook Ads: Make sure you run ads with specific criteria (e.g. targetting at males / females, with different age ranges) - this will allow you to get data showing who's most interested.
  5. Timeline: How about having some fun with your timeline?! There's some fab examples of brilliant use of the timeline - for example Spotify and their history of music, with links to relevant tracks on Spotify.