[Infographic] Coolness of Blue in Web Design by TemplateMonster

blue header

Blue Eyes, Blue Suade Shoes or maybe you're just Blue (Da Ba Dee, Da Ba Daa) - it seems this shade is top of the charts in more ways than one.

As the lovely Nathalie Nahai mentioned at her Psychology of Online Persuasion book launch last week, blue is a very popular colour for the web - and that's now been backed up by TemplateMonster.com's new infographic, "Coolness of Blue in Web Design" below, looking at it's influence on genders, cultures and more.

And if you missed out on our latest psychology event, keep your eyes peeled for our 2013 events schedule announcement coming soon!

(View an interactive version of the below here)

blue infographic

Source: TemplateMonster.com
Hat-tip: Design Taxi