SMWLDN Video: 'Social Media, The Olympics and BBC - Preparing for London 2012'


Our pals at BBC hosted their very own Social Media Week event in London this year. Did you catch it? 'Social Media, The Olympics and BBC - Preparing for London 2012' is now available on video, right here! 

The session boasted a very athletic panel, including Olympians Gail Emms, Zac Purchase MBE and Mark Hunter MBE. Also joining them was Roger Mosey, BBC Director for London 2012 and Lewis Wiltshire, BBC's Digital Olympics Editor & Social Media Editor, BBC Sport.

Hear how social media will take part in the BBC’s London 2012 coverage, how athletes and journalists will use social media during the Olympics, and how the BBC’s audience can expect to interact with broadcast coverage and the key players from the worlds of sports and entertainment!


Filmed by Kinura

Head to the event page for more information.


Social Gaming in Olympics

How big a part of the Olympics do people think social gaming will be (whether that be on mobile devices or Facebook)?