Youth Marketing and Digital: 6 New Stats That May Impact Your Plans

youth insight report

At the recent Youth Marketing Strategy summit in London (Chinwag was a media partner - thanks Chinwag) I previewed some interesting new findings from our newly-published Youth Insight Report. These findings were based on research in April and May looking at the aspirations, attitudes and habits of UK 16-24s. We received around 1,700 responses to our survey.

These insights were broad, so here for the benefit of digital-biased marketers I've pulled out six fresh stats that relate only to digital...

  1. 9/10 are interested in 'tech'
    Highlighting the critical role that technology plays in the every day lives of today's youth generation - almost essential to their functionality, so much so that some experience anxiety if they can't access it - the survey showed that the majority take an active interest in tech developments. Compare this to a stereotypical youth association: only 6/10 care to follow 'fashion'.

  2. 91% would not like to buy things online using their Facebook account
    The report reveals distrust around Facebook when it comes to money and data. Yes, it's essential for messaging friends and sharing content. But young people are negative about using it for digital payments and anything that may compromise their privacy.

  3. 75% use their laptop as their television
    BBC iPlayer (87%), 4OD (76%) and ITV Player (56%) were the top destinations for online TV. 8% admit they download TV content illegally.

  4. 10% have an iPad or some form of tablet
    And a further 15% intend to buy one in the next 12 months. 10% own a Kindle and 10% will buy a Kindle.

  5. 45% of student laptops are purchased within a 10 week period
    An incredibly insightful stat if you sell equipment that students need to take to university. The eight weeks leading up to freshers and two weeks after are key times to be visible.

  6. 77% check their email a few times a day
    This report proves email is alive and well. 87% characterised their email inbox as containing "A mixture of everything: personal messages, emails from brands or organisations, spam and notifications." 94% check their email at least once a day.

Have you got a question for the next Youth Insight Report? Connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn and let me know what insights will impact your plans.