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The video and image pinboard site Pinterest recently revealed that they would begin rolling out price drop email alerts.


For users, the alerts will serve as a handy little alert to the latest promotions on products they’ve pinned. For businesses it’s a free, personalised email marketing offering coordinated via Pinterest. A great addition for all, I’m sure you’ll agree.

After the introduction of Analytics and “Rich Pins” (both of which seem to have been received in a positive light), the alerts represents the next progressive step for the social site. As Pinterest state in their blog:“You don’t have to do anything to get notified. Just keep pinning the things you’re into, and leave the price watching to us.”


While I’m sure business won’t see a huge uplift in sales (or see this as a strategy for long-term success) all those little wins do count. If we specifically look at the fashion industry, new alerts could help businesses shift end of season lines, or at least encourage customers to move from prospecting to purchase.


At the end of the day, everyone enjoys a bargain, and I for one will be keeping an eye out to see what companies move forward with product pins.


This is only the start of the retail potential for sites like Pinterest, Fancy, etc. While it’s sure to drive some more traffic toward the sites themselves, the jury is still out on how well it’ll be recieved by brands and retailers.


I’ll be sure to put some time aside to pin a few products. Who knows how far the price might drop?


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Photo (cc) Dreamiurg.