Psych Up Your Life!

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From the team who brought you Social Media Week London comes another pointed enquiry into the ever shifting topography of SM: Chinwag Psych.

Interested in the psychology behind social and sharing? Fancy peeling back the layers of the online ego to peer at the inner convictions driving behaviour?We have curated a list of events that will help you take the guesswork out of your marketing campaign, bringing you closer than ever to your audience. To catch your market, sometimes you need to know what makes them tick.

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The Psych Stuff

How to have a Good Day at Work, Scientifically Speaking – powered by Nokia@Work

Our Global Sponsor Nokia step up to the podium to offer insight into how cognitive science can shape the working world. Make your good work day an empirical fact.

The Psycho-Cultural Secrets of Online Motivation with Nathalie Nahai and Aaron Balick

This session will address both the cultural and individual motivations behind online behaviour.

The Science of Social – An Experiment in Influence

In an interactive session, Aegis Media will share their research on social behaviour. This event will investigate how Facebook Likes influence the the attitudes, intentions and behaviours of consumers.

The Next Stage of Digital Engagement: The Quantified Self

Listening without hearing, we’ve all done it. The Quantified Self movement is a way of applying the social web, apps and consumer technology for personal health and productivity, ensuring that your listening skills remain honed at all time.

Masterclass Social Science: How Technology is Changing Research

Presentations will explore, from a wide variety of angles, how technology and social media can enable scientific research, accelerate the pace of discovery, and make science more open for everyone. From using games to harness the power of millions of citizen scientists, to the boom in successful crowdfunding initiatives that raise funds and awareness for important projects, the power of social to make the world a better place is absolute.

Does Our ‘Quantified Society’ Herald The Death of Individualism?

We now live in a Quantified Society – a world full of data, where every action is recorded and measured, which gives us the ability to extend and enhance our capabilities, skills and transform lives in ways that we could never have imagined.

The panel, featuring key representatives from the NHS and Channel Four, will discuss how these changes will challenge society, government, organisations, brands – and ultimately the defining quality of what makes us human, our morality.

Chinwag Psych, this time it’s personal.

Photo (cc) NOAA’s National Ocean Service.